Big Barker

Barker Jr. - 4" Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed with Headrest

This Is The Dog Bed Our Customers Asked Us To Make!Because dogs nap, snooze and sleep for 16 - 18 hours a day! A superbly comfortable optimally supportive bed is so very important to your dog.Please don't buy a cheap dog bed. They usually have low-grade imported foam often stuffed with fillers, making it terribly uncomfortable to sleep on.Our superior quality American made foam won't flatten or pancake out. It molds perfectly to your dog's body. He or she can stretcy American made foam won't flatten or pancake out. It molds perfectly to your dog's body. He or she can stretch out and always have perfect weight distribution to relax, soothe and ease the bones and muscles. This gives protection from joint pain, hip and elbow dysplasia and canine arthritis. This can save huge vet bills and helps prevent your dog from suffering any physical stress.The cover is 100% microfiber with a velvet feel. It's exceptionally soft, warm and cozy.Just watch the wonderful look of sheer bliss when your dog sleeps on a Big Barker bed, and wakes up happy, refreshed and invigorated.Supreme comfort and maximum support with our premier american made Max 7 foamBig Barker has 4 inches of high-density orthopedic foam, which will mold perfectly to your dog's joints. Feels wonderful & relieves stress on pressure points.Two layers of foam: 2 inches for body comfort & 2 inches for weight support. Feels luxurious when laying on it while making sure your dog never sinks to the floor.No nasty fillers, harmful chemicals or harsh shredded foamBacteria resistant, hypo allergenic and toxin free. Your dog sleeps completely safelyWith our super soft 100% Microfiber cover. It feels like suede velvet. With surged stitching for long lasting durability & an extra long heavy duty zipper so it's easily removedHairs wipe off easily, it can be washed 100 of times, shrink proof and tear resistantNot available in stores. Over 150,000 beds have been bought by delighted big dog owners and their dogs were thrilled!Made in the USA because it makes a difference. read more