These 5 Best-Selling Fake Eyelashes Look Completely Natural

People have searched high and low for fake eyelashes that look natural. Here are some of the best-selling fake eyelashes out there.

Huda Beauty Faux Mink Fake Eyelashes photo

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Huda Beauty's Faux Minx Lash Collection, #12 Farah

With 40,000 "loves" on Sephora's site, Huda Beauty's fake eyelash collection stands out from the rest. Huda Beauty was started by makeup artist Huda Kattan and has blossomed into a hugely popular cosmetics company, in part thanks to the founder's social media presence. The brand's products are pretty much hits before they're even released, but this fake eyelash collection clearly lives up to the company's hype.

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Velour Lashes' Effortless–No Trim–Natural Lash Collection photo

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Velour Lashes' Effortless–No Trim–Natural Lash Collection

As the name of this product states, Velour Lashes makes fake eyelashes that look and feel natural. On Sephora's site, 95 percent of people who rated these fake eyelashes would recommend them, and many of the positive comments express how easy they are to use and that the results were exactly what the product description promises: long, natural-looking fake eyelashes that you can wear every day with no hassle.

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Nylea's Magnetic 8-Piece Fake Eyelashes photo

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Nylea's Magnetic Fake Eyelashes

Amazon's number-one best-selling set of fake eyelashes is different from your typical set of falsies because Nylea's are fur-based lashes and stick to your eyes magnetically rather than with glue. Glue can be irritating to some people, so if you have sensitive skin or eyes, magnetic fake eyelashes might be more comfortable.

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Kiss' True Volume Natural Plump Eyelashes, Ritzy Natural Black photo

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Kiss' True Volume Natural Plump Eyelashes, Ritzy Natural Black

These drugstore fake eyelashes are at an extremely affordable price point, and most of the reviews praise the quality and reusability of the volumizing set, which is made with 100-percent natural hair.

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Ardell's Fashion Lashes Pair in 120 Demi Black photo

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Ardell's Fashion Lashes Pair in 120 Demi Black

Ardell's Natural Lash set in Demi Black has an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 online, with nearly 2,500 reviews. The positive comments express the fake eyelashes' flexibility, eye-opening effect, and subtle cat-eye look. The main qualm is that they can be a tad tricky to apply, but once they're on most people seem to agree that they're a great and natural look.

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