These 5 Perfumes Smell So Good, One Is Bound to Become Your New Signature Scent

The creation of perfumes with herbs and flowers.

Whether you love a clean and fresh scent or reach for a more floral fragrance, we've rounded up five best-selling and fan favorite perfumes, perfect for your everyday use.

Perfume from Glossier in a pink and red bottle photo

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Glossier You

For all the beauty gurus out there, Glossier's top-rated fragrance, You, needs to be part of your everyday lifestyle ASAP. We love that this long-lasting scent was created to enhance the wearer's natural smell, drawing out a creamy, sparkly, and warm feeling. The top notes of this fragrance are a combination of woodsy and earthy for a bolder and more distinctive smell—perfect for a finishing touch before heading out the door.

To buy: $60;

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If you are looking for a luxurious fragrance, Indigo by Nest is the scent for you. Take a whiff of this tea-infused perfume and you will instantly smell some spice between the warm notes. Not only is the bottle a work of art, but the fragrance itself is beautifully crafted with scents of wild figs and bergamot.

To buy: $74;

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Perfume from DKNY Stories in Macy's photo

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Stories Eau de Parfum Spray

For the New York City lovers and enthusiasts, this should be your everyday fragrance grab. Inspired by the city itself, this dynamic perfume is a combination of fresh and flirty, giving off floral notes thanks to the mixture of black iris, vanilla bean, and pink guava mousse. The bottle, like the fragrance inside, is designed to evoke NYC sentiment as well, looking more similar to a skyscraper than traditional perfume bottles tend to.

To buy: $96;

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erfume from pure grace photo

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Pure Grace Eau de Toilette

If you are interested in fresh and clean scent to wear every day, this perfume from Pure Grace is definitely for you. With its leafy green notes and a splash of refreshing water lily, this fragrance truly embodies modern simplicity. Pair this fragrance with a refreshing clean-scented body lotion from Pure Grace—and if you act now, you'll get a free gift with purchase.

To buy: $69;

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Perfume from Kat Von D photo

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Saint Eau de Parfume

In the floral family, this perfume from Kat Von D screams all things sweet. With the vanilla and jasmine undertones, this fragrance is a must for your morning routine. Not only is the bottle beautifully crafted, but the scent will put you in a dreamlike state with the hints of caramel and plum.

To buy: $51, usually $85;

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