You Can Get Squeaky-Clean Skin With This One Beauty Product—And It Costs as Little as $7

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Micellar waters have quickly become one of the most widely-loved beauty products—and for good reason. They're incredibly easy to use (just pour them over a cotton pad and swipe) and they leave skin fresh and clean thanks to their dirt-lifting molecules called micelles, no rinsing or extra washing necessary. Shop our absolute favorite micellar waters on the market.

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For Oily Skin: Bioré Charcoal Cleansing Micellar Water

Clogged pores got you down? Try this charcoal-infused micellar water specifically designed for oily skin. It absorbs oil and lifts away makeup and dirt so your skin is fresh, clean, and shine-free with just the swipe of a cotton pad. Don't let its pitch-black color fool you—this micellar water dries clear with no dark cast and no rinsing necessary.

To buy: $9;

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For Waterproof Makeup: Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water

Even long-lasting makeup is no match for this tough-but-gentle Garnier micellar water. Pour a small amount of the formula on a cotton pad and hold it over waterproof mascara for a few seconds, then swipe away to reveal makeup-free eyes (no harsh rubbing required). Since this micellar water is formulated without parabens, fragrance, or sulfates, it's safe enough for even the most sensitive skin.

To buy: $9;

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For K-Beauty Lovers: Son & Park Beauty Water

If you're a self-proclaimed multitasker you probably appreciate beauty products that work just as hard as you do. Enter: Son & Park Beauty Water. This Korean "beauty water" functions not just as a makeup-removing micellar water, but also as a toner and exfoliator, all with soothing, brightening properties for smoother skin. Still not convinced? Think how chic this minimalist bottle will look sitting on your bathroom shelf.

To buy: $30;

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For Sensitive Skin: Simple Kind to Skin Micellar Cleansing Water

Simple is our go-to brand for gentle, kind-to-skin beauty essentials. Its micellar water is dermatologist-tested and free of artificial perfumes, dyes or harsh chemicals, so you know your skin is in good hands. This micellar water also helps to majorly hydrate the skin—so much so that we may remove our favorite moisturizing serum from our routine.

To buy: $7;

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For Luxury Beauty Lovers: La Mer The Cleansing Micellar Water

La Mer is a cult-favorite, known and loved for its rich, ultra-moisturizing Crème de la Mer—which also happens to ring up at a cool $90. For a more affordable option from the luxury brand, check out its micellar water. It's made with La Mer's MiracleBroth technology, which nourishes, hydrates, and renews your skin all at once. A single swipe of this micellar water reveals fresh, clean skin, no rinsing necessary.

To buy: From $55;

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For Eco Warriors: La Roche Posay Foaming Micellar Water

Not all micellar waters are created equally, and this La Roche Posay is the proof. The formula is made of a creamy, white consistency, which foams up once applied to your face—no wasteful cotton pad necessary. After rinsing off the formula, your skin is left soft, purified and dirt and oil free. Plus, eliminating a cotton pad means you can feel good that you did your part to cut down on unnecessary waste.

To buy: $18;

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