Farm-to-Skin Is the Beauty Trend You Need to Know About—Here's What to Buy

Goat milk is on the rise in skincare. Yes, you read that right. The hero ingredient is praised for its moisturizing abilities and naturally vitamin-rich formula. And while the idea of goat milk may be new to the beauty world, it's not new to QVC's Beekman 1802 line. Founded in 2008, the beauty brand was inspired by the idea of infusing the natural, farm-produced milk in all its highly rated products earning it a QVC Clean Beauty Seal. Here's what's worth buying and trying from Beekman 1802.

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Two white and black containers of Beekman 1802 Body Cream from QVC photo

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Whipped Goat Milk Body Cream Duo

Bye bye, dry skin. This pair of body creams has near-perfect customer reviews for good reason. It's designed to deliver intense moisture that melts into skin as it gives off an irresistible Honeyed Grapefruit scent. If grapefruit isn't your thing, these body butters are available in six other fragrances, from fresh Aloe and Iris to the energizing Honey and Orange.
To buy: $37 for a pack of two;

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Beekman 1802 Facial Cleansing Bars from QVC photo

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Triple Milk Facial Cleansing Bar Trio

This isn't your grandma's soapy facial cleansing bar. Formulated with a rich blend of milk proteins, coconut milk, and of course, goat milk, this gentle cleansing bar effectively removes dirt and oil while conditioning the skin, so your face never feels stripped and dry after washing. And since this set includes three bars, you can keep one on your vanity, one in the shower, and one in your travel bag to reap the benefit of a healthy-looking complexion wherever you are.
To buy: $22 for a set of three;

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Beekman 1802 Shampoo and Conditioner from QVC photo

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Goat Milk Shampoo and Conditioner Set

Goat milk products are good for more than just the skin. This shampoo and conditioner duo proves the ingredient is plenty beneficial for the hair, too—especially when combined with moisturizing shea butter, sweet almond oil, biotin, vitamin E, and more. Buy for silkier, shinier, frizz-free hair, or for the bottles' understated chic design that will look so pretty stocked in your shower—we're not here to judge.
To buy: $43 for the set;

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Beekman 1802 lip balms from QVC photo

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Goat Milk Lip Balm Trio

Time to ditch the beat-up old lip balm that's been rolling around in the bottom of your purse. Instead, swap in a lip balm you'll actually want to use, like this set of three ultra-moisturizing goat milk balms. They're made with a blend of oils and vitamins to help hydrate and smooth the appearance of lips with sophisticated flavors such as Apricot Honey Tea, Vanilla Absolute, and Pure Goat Milk.
To buy: $19 for three;

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Beekman 1802 face mask from QVC photo

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Goat Milk Little Black Mud Mask

Treat yourself to a salon-level spa treatment from home with this mud mask that works as a cleanser, exfoliator, and moisturizer all in one. The five-star find is made to give your skin a healthy-looking glow in as little as 15 minutes. Simply smooth it on clean skin and allow it to work its magic while you lay down and relax—that way, both your mind and your skin can get a little bit of R & R.
To buy: $36;

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Beekman 1802 Body Wash from QVC photo

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Goat Milk Wish Wash Body Cleanser

Some body washes can dry out your skin, carry a harsh and overwhelming scent, or even leave behind a soapy residue that makes you want to shower all over again. This body cleanser avoids all of the above, gently cleaning the skin with its refreshing, milky lather and blend of soothing vitamins and moisturizers. Plus, the formula is fragrance-free.
To buy: $25;

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Beekman 1802 Stick of Butter from QVC photo

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Goat Milk Stick of Butter Duo

Quench seriously stubborn dry skin with an ultra-targeted treatment. These moisturizer sticks are made with a blend of creamy butters and work to smooth and soften the face, body, and hands. The quick-absorbing formula is solid in the tube but melts into a luxurious oil-like texture once smoothed onto skin.
To buy: $30 for two (was $33);

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