These 5 Beauty Basics Are Essential for an Everyday Makeup Look

Collage with Bare Minerals, Ilia mascara, and Maybelline blush

Most days you need something practical when it comes to your makeup. Your morning is probably packed as it is and a 10-step makeup routine just isn't happening. To save you time while you get ready, we narrowed it down to five makeup essentials that you can easily apply for an everyday look in a matter of minutes—ready, set, go!

Loose powder from Sephora photo

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Loose Powder Mineral Foundation

Achieve a no-makeup look with a lightweight, buildable foundation like the Original Mineral Foundation by BareMinerals. Sweep on as much as you like based on your coverage needs for a silky smooth finish. This airy foundation is free of harmful chemicals and full of natural minerals to promote healthier skin over time. With this powder you'll also have a barrier between you and the sun's harmful rays thanks to built-in SPF 15 protection.

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Infallible Full Wear Concealer

Finally, a full-coverage concealer that lasts all day! This concealer hides any discoloration for up to 24 hours and is even waterproof. If you're heading to the gym or beach and want to cover up dark undereye circles without a full face of makeup, this transfer-resistant product will be your lifeline. Creamy yet non-greasy, this concealer goes on skin smoothly with the applicator wand. Be sure to blend out the formula with your fingertips or a sponge once it's warmed up on your skin for a more natural look.

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Limitless Lash Mascara

You can't get better than a clean and "green" mascara that lifts lashes while conditioning them. The Ilia Limitless Lash Mascara is made from beeswax and shea butter to strengthen lashes while giving them added length and curl. This top-rated mascara is also cruelty-free, gluten-free, and packaged in recyclable materials so you can feel extra good about your purchase. One reviewer praises this natural mascara saying, "I have extremely sensitive dry eyes and this is the only mascara that doesn't irritate my eyes and doesn't smudge."

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FitMe Blush

Enhance your natural beauty with a pop of color on your cheeks. With the FitMe powder, just a sweep of blush can add warmth and depth to complement your unique skin tone. The soft, creamy formula is free of harmful chemicals and is recommended for any skin type from sensitive to normal. Wear one of the five available shades alone or on top of your foundation for a subtle flush.

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Sugar Lip Balm

Sometimes you just need a smidge of lip color to feel ready to conquer the day. If you don't want to commit to a bold lipstick that requires maintenance all day long, opt for a simpler option. The Sugar Lip Balm nourishes your pout while giving your lips a sheer tint of color and protection from the sun. With 15 shades to choose from, you might as well stock up on a few to keep handy in your purse, car, or makeup bag.

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