I Tried Walmart's New Clean Beauty Line—And It's as Good as It Looks

Earth to Skin is chock-full of wallet-friendly, natural skincare ingredients—but does it actually work? One of our writers put the line to the test.

About Earth to Skin

Earth to Skin is Walmart's new affordable line of clean, natural, cruelty-free skincare products, formulated without harmful ingredients like parabens, petroleum, sulfates, and gluten. Complete with everyday skincare essentials like cleansers, moisturizers and serums, these products are good for your skin and your wallet.

Each of Earth to Skin's four curated collections is centered around natural skincare super-ingredients: avocado, watermelon, and blueberry for the brightening Super Fruits collection; manuka honey in the hydrating Honey collection; green, white, and black teas in the anti-aging Tea Time collection; and cucumber and green pumpkin in the nourishing Super Greens collection. Whether you choose to stick to one collection or mix and match, Earth to Skin aims to give you everything you need for a healthy (and effective!) skincare routine.

My Favorites

When I tested Earth to Skin, I had a few products I was already excited to try—and a few surprises that I didn't know I was going to love. In the first camp, were a handful of products from the Super Fruits line, featuring buzzy ingredients that I couldn't wait to get my hands on. The Watermelon All Over Serum, packed with glow-boosting, hydrating watermelon, not only made my skin brighter and dewier, but also smelled totally incredible. I wanted to bathe in the sweet-but-not-sugary scent from head to toe—or at least from my chest up to my face, per the serum's instructions. Then, there was the Avocado Overnight Mask, which uses avocado's signature vitamins and creamy texture to deliver intense-hydration that I noticed after just one use.

Some of my unexpected favorites included the Manuka Calming Face Cleanser and the Manuka Calming Night Cream from the Honey line, as well as the Nourishing Eye Cream from the Super Greens collection. I loved that the Manuka Cleanser felt rich and hydrating while thoroughly cleansing my skin of makeup and grime without stripping it of its natural oil. Similarly, the Manuka Night Cream delivered a dose of luxurious moisture that not only felt incredible to slather onto my skin, but also left me with visibly plumper skin that was more hydrated than I've ever seen. One confession: I have a bad habit of scrubbing off my eye makeup with a washcloth in the hot shower—a big no-no for the sensitive skin around your eyes. However, the thick, paste-like Nourishing Eye Cream helped to remedy this, completely soothing my undereyes and resolving them of past damage.

My favorite thing about Earth to Skin? It's totally customizable: You're free to mix and match products from different lines to create the combination that works for you. Personally, I'll be using the Honey Manuka Calming Face Cleanser with the Super Fruits Watermelon All Over Serum, and Super Greens Nourishing Gel Day Cream for my morning routine, followed by the Honey Manuka All Over Serum, Super Fruits Avocado Overnight Mask, and Super Greens Nourishing Eye Cream at night. If you're not sure what you'll like, check out the mini Starter Kits so you can test out the products without fully committing. But with every price tag coming in at under $10, we wouldn't blame you if you went straight for the full size.