I'm Finally Cleaning Up My Skincare Routine with These Natural (and Affordable) Alternatives

I tested Walmart's new Cleen Beauty skincare line for one week—these are my thoughts.

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Squeaky Cleen

Walmart's latest clean skincare line, aptly named "Cleen Beauty," is all about effective, science-backed skincare products free from harmful ingredients—and outrageous price tags. Each of its products are vegan, cruelty-free, and dermatologist tested. While you will find high-quality ingredients, you won't find "unclean" ingredients like parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances and dyes, mineral oils, and more. The best part? Each product rings in at under-$10 at Walmart, so it's incredibly affordable to treat yourself to a single product, or a whole new skincare line.

In an effort to simplify my skincare routine (I'm a little tired of mile-long ingredient lists and dubious chemical claims) I decided to swap all my skincare products with Cleen Beauty products for an entire week. Here are my thoughts and rankings of my favorite products from the line.

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Black and white tube of Cleen Beauty SPF 30 moisturizer from Walmart photo

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#1: Cleen Beauty Mineral SPF 30 Face Moisturizer

Throughout my week of testing, the winter weather in Iowa took a turn for the worst, leaving me with totally parched, flaky skin in desperate need of some TLC. Thankfully, that's exactly what this moisturizer delivered. I was immediately impressed by its creamy, whipped texture—and even more impressed by how easily it absorbed into my skin, leaving my complexion hydrated, positively glowing, and soft to the touch. Plus, the SPF 30 in the formula was an extremely welcomed addition, making this moisturizer a staple in my morning routine going forward.
To buy: $10; walmart.com

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Yellow tube of Cleen Beauty Vitamin C Papaya Glow Serum from Walmart photo

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#2: Cleen Beauty Vitamin C Papaya Glow Serum

I was most excited to try this serum, that promised to brighten and exfoliate my skin with vitamin C and papaya enzymes, resulting in a glowing complexion. And folks, I was not disappointed. After using it morning and night for just a few days, I noticed my skin looked clearer and more even, my dark spots (a side effect from a recent breakout) were even fading away faster than usual. Just like the SPF 30 Face Moisturizer, this serum is becoming a permanent part of my skincare rotation.
To buy: $10; walmart.com

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Black and white container of Cleen Beauty Lavender Chamomile Night Cream from Walmart photo

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#3: Cleen Beauty Lavender Chamomile Night Cream

First off, this night cream smells AMAZING. Upon opening the package, the first thing I noticed was its soothing, spa-like scent (perfect for bedtime!), thanks to the lavender and chamomile extracts—both of which are actual ingredients in the cream and not added for fragrance. These ingredients sure pack a punch: Both helped to restore and condition my skin while I slept, while the snow mushroom and sodium hyaluronate ingredients helped to lock in moisture overnight. While I'm typically a fan of ultra-thick night creams, I still found that this lightweight moisturizer effectively kept my skin soft and moisturized until the morning.
To buy: $10; walmart.com

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Light pink bottle of Cleen Beauty facial mist from Walmart photo

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#4: Cleen Beauty Coconut Water Hibiscus Glow Mist

I've been a fan of facial mists for a while now and love how they add an additional layer of moisture to my parched winter skin. Plus, they look adorable sitting on my desk, waiting to be used for a midday skincare pick-me-up. The Coconut Water Hibiscus Glow Mist has earned a permanent spot on my vanity thanks to its cute pink color, energizing scent, refreshing mist (there's nothing worse than going into a meeting with the fully wet face due to a faulty facial mists) and ability to make me look fresh and dewy any time of day. It's a little treat I now look forward to using every afternoon. Tip: It's great under makeup too!
To buy: $7; walmart.com

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Black and white tub of Cleen Beauty sleep mask from Walmart photo

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#5: Cleen Beauty Avocado Hemp Butter Sleep Mask

On nights my skin needed a little extra hydration, this sleep mask was just the thing. It's rich in vitamins and fatty acids to nourish and hydrate my complexion, while I clocked in some my beauty rest—literally. With its calming scent and sage green color, it felt like I was getting a spa treatment every time I used it.
To buy: $10; walmart.com

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Black and white tube of Cleen Beauty Acai Face Scrub from Walmart photo

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#6: Cleen Beauty Acai Face Scrub

I'll be the first to admit that as a skincare junkie, I'm usually totally opposed to face scrubs. In fact, I saved testing this product for last out of sheer fear that it could potentially wreak havoc on my skin. But I have to say...I actually liked it. A lot. Its exfoliating particles, made of acai powder and oil instead of the ever-popular (but damaging) walnut seed, are tiny and fine, so I can feel them sloughing off dead skin without creating micro-tears in my skin—which can allow in acne-causing bacteria. Plus, the formula is balanced out with brazil nut oil and avocado oil to nourish the skin as it's being exfoliated. Best of all? My skin was majorly soft after I rinsed this scrub off—so I'll actually be keeping it around for plenty of use in the future.
To buy: $7; walmart.com

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Black and white container of Cleen Beauty water gel moisturizer from Walmart photo

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#7: Cleen Beauty Grapefruit Water Gel Moisturizer

If you're looking for a lightweight, creamy, and delicious-smelling moisturizer, look no further. Water gel moisturizers are amazing for soaking into the skin quickly (without the greasy residue), while still locking in moisture—so I was excited to give this grapefruit version a try. The moisturizing gel tightens, tones, and refreshes your skin, with an intoxicating citrus scent that instantly wakes you up. It's the perfect lightweight morning cream for wearing under your makeup.
To buy: $10; walmart.com

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White and black tube of Cleen Beauty Eggplant Eye Balm from Walmart photo

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#8: Cleen Beauty Cooling Eggplant Eye Balm

This was another products I was really looking forward to trying, thanks to its cute purple color, unique-looking formula, and innovative stick design. The cooling balm is made to be swiped under your eyes for a refreshing and energizing dose of hydration, whenever you need it. It felt cool to the touch, and is full of ingredients that help improve dark circles and calm puffiness. While it won't replace my thicker, everyday eye cream, I'm stashing it in my purse for an instant pick-me-up whenever I need it.
To buy: $10; walmart.com

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White and black tube of Cleen Beauty face cleanser from Walmart photo

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#9: Cleen Beauty Rosehip Jelly Face Cleanser

Fans of gel face washes will adore this jelly-like cleanser. The gel formula cleans effectively without leaving skin feeling stripped, and froths to an invigorating foam texture when you rub it in. It includes ingredients like rose water, rosehip oil, and bladderwrack seaweed extract, to hydrate, brighten, and decongest pores while removing makeup and impurities. My dry skin needs a creamier cleanser in the wintertime, so I'll be shelving this until next summer when I need the light, refreshing face wash to give my skin a detoxifying kick.
To buy: $7; walmart.com

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#10: Cleen Beauty Fragrance-Free Face Wipes

Affordable and convenient, you absolutely can't beat these fragrance-free face wipes. I brought them with me on a long weekend trip where I had relatively limited access to water, so they were just the thing for washing my face on-the-go. I found the wipes to be moisturizing (instead of stripping my face of its natural oil), with no greasy residue left behind like I've found with similar products. The addition of aloe vera and lack of fragrance meant they were soothing and hydrating, too, perfect for easily-irritated skin types. And since the pack of 25 wipes costs only $4 (and comes in a double-sealed package to prevent them from drying out), I'll be bringing these face wipes along with me on all my travels going forward.
To buy: $4; walmart.com

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