This Intense Moisturizer Will Soothe Your Dry Hands

Soap and sanitizers can take a major toll on your skin. Read on to discover what product you're missing to make your hands look and feel alive again.

The Secret to Ultra-Smooth Skin

Between nonstop hand-washing, loads of hand sanitizer, and seasonal side effects, your hands might be feeling rather parched. Even if the dryness is driving you crazy, we're glad you're doing your part to prevent the spread of germs. So how can you find relief? As we all know, hand creams and moisturizers can soften your skin for an hour or two, but we've found an at-home treatment that gives you buttery-smooth results with just a few weekly uses. Enter: The Conair True Glow Thermal Paraffin Bath.

Whether you've already been introduced to a paraffin bath in a hair or nail salon or you're just hearing this term for the first time, adding one of these incredibly effective skincare treatments to your at-home self care routine is a great idea. This therapeutic wax bath can be used for hands, feet, and elbows, helping to remove any excess skin and revealing a new soft layer of skin

To use, simply press the 'on' switch button to let the wax heat up for about 90 minutes (leaving you the perfect amount of time to watch a few episodes of your favorite show or tackle an at-home project like organizing your closet). Once the wax is melted you turn the heat switch off, dip your hand, foot, or elbow into the wax and wait about 10-15 minutes for it to harden. Once the wax has hardened, you'll remove your hand from the bath and peel off the wax to uncover your freshly rejuvenated skin.

Bed Bath & Beyond reviewers are saying this moisturizing technique is super relaxing, with one customer raving that it feels like a "mini escape to a spa." Another Amazon reviewer, who is in the medical field, claims, "I constantly wash my hands so they become very dry and achy by the end of the day. With this paraffin wax bath, I'm able to treat my hands at home almost every night without having to go to the salon. It helps moisturize and soothe my achy joints, and I always recommend it to my coworkers who have the same issues." The Conair True Glow Paraffin Bath is also a smart buy for those with arthritis and other joint pains to help soothe aches and stiffness.

If you're in the market for a skin treatment or simply missing the luxury of a salon, the Conair True Glow Thermal Paraffin Bath is worth the investment. For only $26, your hands and feet will feel and look healthier, softer, and smoother than ever.

To buy: $26,