The Morphe Brushes Your Makeup Bag Is Missing Are Less Than $17

A variety of colorful makeup brushes are organized within a black pouch sitting on a countertop.

Morphe brushes are a must-have in any makeup lover's bag. The perfect blend between high quality and affordable price, Morphe brushes are great whether you're a beauty beginner or practically a pro. These brushes are all you need to create any makeup look—all for less than $20.

Pink Morphe curved beauty blending sponge with tapered tip. photo

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Beauty Sponge

A good sponge is the key to flawless foundation application. Dampen the sponge, tap it into your foundation of choice, and blend it into your skin for an airbrushed base look. Morphe's sponge is designed with a soft tip for reaching tough spots like the corners of the nose and around the eyes, and curves at the middle for ease of control. And for only $7, it's much more affordable than some other beauty sponges on the market.

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Long black Morphe makeup brush with short domed tip. photo

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Concealer Brush

Pimples and dark undereye circles are no match for this concealer brush. Its small size gives you the control to cover just the right spots, while its rounded head gives a soft, blurred effect. With liquid or powder concealer, this brush hits the spot.

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Black Morphe makeup brush with long white bristles in a rounded shape. photo

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Powder Brush

This brush is essential for flawless translucent powder and bronzer application. Its full, tapered head evenly covers skin, while natural goat hair bristles are the perfect match for powder makeup.

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Black Morphe makeup brush with long black bristles photo

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Blush Brush

A long, tapered brush is perfect for swiping on a pop of color. It gives you control to ensure you're hitting the right spot every time. And natural sable bristles are key for picking up the ideal amount of blush pigment.

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Black Morphe brush with white bristles in a thin fan shape. photo

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Highlight Brush

These days, highlighter is an essential product, day or night. Get an even application with this soft, feathery fan brush. Sweep it across cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose, and across the chin to catch the light and give your skin a gorgeous glow.

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Black Morphe makeup brush with short rounded bristles. photo

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Eyeshadow Brush

Pack your lids with color with this pigment-grabbing shadow brush. Its small, tapered tip makes it great for blending and building intricate eyeshadow looks. Bonus: It can also be used to clean up brows with concealer while shaping.

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Black Morphe makeup brush with white bristles in an elongated rounded shape. photo

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Crease Brush

Pair a lighter eyelid color with a darker crease color for an eye-popping look. This long, firmly tapered brush is great for blending shadow into the eye's crease with precision. And it's easy to use no matter your skill level.

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Black Morphe eyeliner brush with white bristles bent near the base. photo

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Liner Brush

Creating a perfectly even winged eyeliner is one of the most challenging looks in makeup application. Luckily, this brush makes it easy. Its ergonomic bent tip gives you maximum control when used with gel or liquid eyeliner. Now even shaky hands can draw a precise line.

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