I've Used This Hair Straightener for 6 Years—And It's Still Perfect

When it comes to styling tools, I want ones that last. For over six years, this flat iron has given me every sleek style in the book—and no, it's not a GHD or CHI.

Why I Love My BaByliss Hair Straightener

Back in 2012, I bought a hair straightener from a mall kiosk thinking it'd be amazing—it was $200 after all. I curled my hair with my new flat iron in the morning, showered that evening, and somehow my hair seemed to reek when the water hit it; it smelled like rotten eggs mixed with wet dog. I even washed my hair twice in case it was my shampoo, but the smell got worse, which is when I realized my flat iron burnt my hair even though I had used heat protectant. My then-boyfriend told me, "Whatever you did, please never do it again." It was bad, but after just dropping $200, I was in no position to buy a new straightener.

I told my friend about my disappointing purchase, and she gave me the BaByliss Nano Titanium Ultra-Thin Flat Iron to try. My expectations were pretty low (I had tried three other straighteners at this point, including a wet-to-straight model that couldn't handle my thick tresses), but this flat iron has impressed me ever since I first plugged it in. And after six years of using it, I can honestly say it's the best hair straightener.

I've had many different hairstyles over the past six years, from long mermaid waves to short bobs, and no matter the length this hair straightener always helps me have a good hair day. Its smooth titanium plates don't pull on my strands, and 50 heat settings let me choose the perfect temperature. My hair is thick yet fine, but holds shape well, so whenever I want bouncy curls I keep the temperature setting around 20. When it comes to pin-straight locks, I crank it up almost to the max (without my hair burning). I also love that its thin width (I have the 1-inch model) straightens stubborn bangs and doesn't take up a lot of room in my drawer. Tip: Always use heat protectant. I pair my BaByliss with my tried-and-true Tresemme Thermal Creation Tamer Spray ($5; walmart.com) and haven't had stinky rotten-egg hair since.

Naturally, one of the best things about this styling tool is that it was given to me for free, but when the time comes to replace it, I'll definitely be picking up another BaByliss. I'd spend as much as $300 on a new one now that I know how amazing it is, but thankfully I won't have to—it's less than $150.

To buy: $140; kohls.com