Why Philosophy Purity Is the Best Facial Cleanser I've Ever Used

Philosophy Purity Made Simple cleanser

Thyroid cancer dried out my skin and made my hormones go crazy, which is when I started struggling with adult acne. It wasn't the typical red bumps from my teen years, either. I started having blackhead outbreaks (I'm talking major clusters). My go-to drugstore scrub was no longer cutting it, and I tried several different cleansers to no avail. But I finally found one that actually works.

This Philosophy Cleanser Banished My Blackheads

When I was fed up with my acne, I consulted a dermatologist and she told me I needed to change my routine. My skin was dry (I'm embarrassed to say I didn't know the importance of moisturizing), and because of that it was over-producing oil that clogged my pores. Her recommendation: find a gentle cleanser, exfoliate once a week, and hydrate after cleansing.

I eventually came across Philosophy, specifically the Purity Made Simple Cleanser. I was used to spending only $5 on a cleanser, so at first I thought, "Wow, it's $24; I'm not paying that." But then I read reviews. Every site I checked—Ulta, Sephora, and Amazon—all had thousands of customers raving about their results. I found a travel-size set that contained the cleanser and an exfoliating facial wash and decided to give it a try (I also followed my dermatologist's advice and started using a facial moisturizer with SPF).

I'll be honest: I didn't see results right away. The blackheads didn't disappear immediately after I washed my face—not even a week after I started using it regularly. It took several months of diligently following my new skin-care routine before I began to notice a difference.

I use the Purity cleanser daily and follow it up with an SPF moisturizer. Once a week, I use an exfoliating facial wash. Trust me, a little goes a long way. I use a pea-size amount of each product, and my skin looks and feels amazing. I still have yet to finish my tiny bottles (almost a year later) and because of that, I have no problem splurging on the full-size version when I need a refill.

Skin care is so personal, and there isn't a single product that works for everybody. But I will say this: Philosophy Purity works for me, and if you're looking for a gentle, do-it-all cleanser (it clears makeup and acts as a toner, too) then definitely give it a try!

To Buy:

My Face Wash: Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser, $24 for 8 oz.; sephora.com

My Exfoliator: Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Facial Wash, $28 for 8 oz.; sephora.com

My Moisturizer: Andalou Naturals Daily Defense Facial Lotion with SPF 18, $10; amazon.com

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