The Drugstore Beauty Products I Swear By to Fake Bold Brows (And They're Less Than $9)

Blonde girl with bold eyebrows standing in front of trees

When the bold brow trend took off I knew I had to figure out how to fake them. As a college student with a low-paying internship I turned to drugstore beauty to help me ace the look—two years later and I'm still using these tried-and-true products.

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My Go-To Beauty Products for Eyebrows

I just have to start out with I have no eyebrows. Okay, so I have eyebrows, but they're incredibly blonde (seriously, so blonde) and very sparse. That's why when the bold brow trend took off I knew I had to figure out how to fake them. I don't consider myself a beauty expert or a makeup guru; I'm just a girl who by trial and error figured out a way to make her eyebrows look the way she wants them to for less than $9.

To do my eyebrows I rely on two great drugstore beauty products. First, my go-to liner, Wet N Wild Coloricon Kohl Eyeliner in taupe. You read that right: I use an eyeliner pencil for my brows! They're essentially the same formula, and I've found that this eyeliner pencil tends to be cheaper than your average brow pencil. I love this Wet N Wild pencil not only because it's affordable, but it also has a creamy formula that applies very smoothly, and it's long-lasting. For the price, it comes with a generous amount of product compared to other pencils. If my local store doesn't happen to have that pencil in stock, I've been turning to the CoverGirl Perfect Blend Eye Pencil (also in taupe) as a backup. While it's a great option, too, you don't get as much product, and it's a little over $2 more.

The second and final brow product I turn to is Maybelline Ultra Brow Brush-On in light brown. I always stick to taupe and light brown shades because my hair and eyebrows are both so blonde that going any darker looks unnatural. The matte powder is incredibly easy to blend and also goes on smoothly, which helps create a more natural look. The product comes with a very small brush; however, I prefer to use my own angled brush to apply.

To buy: Wet N Wild Kohl Eyeliner, $3;

CoverGirl Perfect Blend Eye Pencil, $5;

Maybelline Ultra Brow Brush-On, $6;

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My Step-by-Step Guide for Faking Bold Brows

Step 1: After applying my moisturizer, foundation, and setting powder I start on my eyebrows. First, I brush all the hairs up toward my forehead. To do this I use an eyebrow spoolie (lots of eyebrow pencils have a spoolie on the opposite end, but my Wet N Wild pencil does not).

Step 2: Then I take my brow pencil and begin with small strokes upward to mimic the look of fine hairs. I start closest to my nose and then work my way out.

Step 3: Continuing with small strokes of the pencil, I begin angling and then working more horizontally as I fill out the length of my eyebrows.

Step 4: As I get to the side closest to my ear, I end up using the pencil at a downward angle. While I use my natural eyebrows as my outline, you can also buy stencils to help guide you.

Step 5: Once I've filled my eyebrows in with the pencil, I go over it with the Maybelline Ultra Brow Brush-On. When I'm going over it I use small brush strokes and follow the natural way my eyebrow hair lies on my face.

Step 6: Once I finish my makeup routine with eyeliner and mascara, I give myself a finishing spritz of Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray, especially if I have plans after work.