Elevated Pet Cot by 2PET - Deluxe Cooling Elevated Dog Bed - Dog Cot that Provides Maximum Comfort, Good Sleep, Joints Support & Insect Relief– All Seasons. Choose your size and color Model EPB06

RAISE THE BAR – With 2PET Elevated Pet Bed Dog Cot, you’ll be able to raise the bar of comfort for your pet, quite literally – Elevate your pet off the ground by good 7 inches, allowing it the luxury of a comfy & soft surface to rest or sleep on – Easy to assemble, dissemble & carryKEEP THE DISCOMFORT AWAY – Let your beloved pet stay off the cold, hard & uncomfortable ground/floor – This also keeps mites, insects, dust particles & problems that follow away from youromfortable ground/floor – This also keeps mites, insects, dust particles & problems that follow away from your pet – Semi-orthopedic pet bed for joints supportSTRONG, STURDY & DURABLE – We’ve ensured that this elevated pet bed uses nothing but durable & rugged materials – A strong steel frame supports the weight of your pet, while resilient nylon-like Oxford 1680D fabric lets your pet rest comfortably off the ground – 30” x 24” surface spreadLOW MAINTENANCE – Cleaning this pet bed is as easy as just brushing the dust off or vacuuming it all the way – You can also wash the fabric & the frame with regular cleaning soaps/disinfectants, garden hose, scrubber & allow it all to air dryDOING THE RIGHT THING – Being absolute pet lovers, we donate a portion of sales to various pet shelters & charities –Purchase With Confidence With a 30 days money back warranty against manufacturing faults in place, your orders are safe & secure – Click ‘Add to Cart’ & order the cutest, most comfortable & no-maintenance pet bed right awayWhy not gift a pet bed to your canine friend?Would you prefer to sleep on a sofa throughout the night every day? No doubt, you will wake up stiff.The bed is the last option that all would like to live without. Who does not like to sleep on bed after a hard day? And so is your doggy. They rightly deserve to have a bed to sleep comfortably. Having a raised design, the Elevated Pet Bed Cot by 2PET is the perfect all season solution for your canine companion. This is strong and sturdy for accommodating even the heavier dogs up to 90 pounds. The raised plan allows the pets to avoid the feeling of sleeping on the hot or cold floor.Why to give a bed? The startling fact is that your doggy needs its own place for peaceful sleeping. They love to stay in their private space where they feel safe and secured. They can relax on the bed after hectic activities. This is also a better option for you as you can keep it off from your bed sofa etc and you can control the hair shed and dander at one place. Unique featuresThe Elevated Pet Bed Cot by 2PET is loaded with a number of unique features making it the best suited bed for your doggy.Color: Available in vibrant bonny blue and rawhide red colorsRugged structure: The muscular steel tubes and Oxford 600D nylon fabric used in manufacturing give it very strong and well built.Elevated design: The bed is designed considering dog behavior. The raised bar option holds your pet to sleep around 7 inches off the floor. Thus, it gets the enough luxury and comfort for sleeping. It can be assembled or dismantled without much trouble.Easy cleaning: Made from waterproof and washable material the pet cot can be cleaned very easily. Just scrub it; wash and air dry to have a clean bed. Vacuum or garden hose can also be used. read more