These Genius Hanger Add-Ons Will Save You So Much Closet Space—and They’re Under $1 Apiece

“I couldn’t be happier with my closet now.”

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Ruby Space Triangles


For many of us, going on a shopping spree is all fun and games until we come home and realize we have no room left in our closets to hang up our new items. Sure, we could make some room by purging older clothes, but what’s the fun in that? Thankfully, that’s not the only option, due to these genius hanger add-ons from Amazon that create way more closet space by allowing you to vertically hang multiple pieces right on top of one another.

The top-rated Ruby Space Triangles hooks can create up to three times as much closet space, giving you far more room to add in as many shirts, pants, dresses and more that you want. Here’s how they work: Just slide one of the black triangles over the neck of a hanger, and then you can hook another hanger onto the triangle, thus starting a vertical chain. You can connect as many hangers as can fit without hitting the floor, and the more items you add, the more empty space you’ll have in your closet. 

Ruby Space Triangles


To buy: $15;

In addition to helping you save room, the add-ons are also a great, easy way to organize your clothes by color, type, style, or any other system you prefer, or even keep your go-to favorite outfits together. And you can use them with any type of hanger (plastic, wire, wood, etc.) and all types of clothing and accessories; they’re durable enough to handle even heavy sweaters or suits.

At just $15 for a pack of 18, these hanger add-on cost less than $1 each, yet another reason to stock up on them and give your closets a serious upgrade. Plenty of Amazon shoppers have done just that already, with hundreds leaving five-star ratings for the game-changing tools.

“These gadgets transformed my closet space, and having my garments color coded is wonderful,”  said one shopper, while another person wrote that they’re “WAY better than other similar closet systems” and are a “great space saver.” Yet another reviewer said that the add-ons “make a huge impact” in de-cluttering their space, adding, “I couldn't be happier with my closet now.”

Check out that impact for yourself by picking up some of these majorly handy hooks at Amazon. Trust us: Your closet will thank you.

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