Your Stressed Out Skin Deserves Some TLC—and This $10 Ice Roller Can Help

“It helps wake me up, and I immediately feel refreshed.”

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RoselynBoutique Ice Roller Cyrotherapy Reduce Wrinkles Puffiness Aging Tout


In the beauty world, there is no shortage of skincare tools promising gratifying results. Picking the right tool for your skin can be challenging, especially with so many options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something to help with a lymphatic massage or to tighten pores, facial rollers are coming to the rescue—cryotherapy treatment being among one of the most popular methods.

"You can use ice to reduce puffiness around the eyes, decrease oil production and inflamed spots, constrict pores, soothe sunburn, and give the skin a healthy glow by boosting micro-circulation," Board-certified dermatologist, Sophie Shotter, MD, previously told Real Simple. "It is also said to increase absorption of active ingredients by causing capillary constriction and creating a 'pulling' effect into the skin."

Thousands of Amazon shoppers have trusted the RoselynBoutique Ice Roller with their skincare needs—and other issues like soothing pain relief from migraines and calming sunburned skin. Through cryotherapy, the facial roller encourages blood circulation, stimulating the lymphatic system, which can lead to de-puffing and calming inflamed and stressed out skin. It can also be used with your favorite serums and moisturizers to take your skincare routine to all new levels. Plus, the shockingly cool sensation on your face is a great morning wake-up call. 

The RoselynBoutique Ice Roller has a detachable head that comes off of the handle so you can store it in the freezer. When you're ready to use it, simply pop it back into the base. As an added bonus, it’s also available in a range of colors like beige, pink, maroon red, green, blue, and purple.

RoselynBoutique Ice Roller Cyrotherapy Reduce Wrinkles Puffiness Aging

To buy: $10;

One reviewer seamlessly worked the ice roller into their morning routine. “It helps wake me up, and I immediately feel refreshed,” they wrote. They also mentioned that the face roller assists with their sinus issues by immediately decreasing the swelling around their nose. They added, “this is a product I didn’t know I was missing, but I’m glad I found it!”

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The best-selling facial roller isn’t just excellent for reviving skin, other shoppers have found that it can help roll pain away, too. One particular reviewer suffering from temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ) tried the ice roller to combat their “chronic migraines” and “regular jaw pain” and found more relief than using a typical ice pack.

The RoselynBoutique Ice Roller is a nifty, multipurpose skincare tool that works wonders to calm inflammation and provide gentle relief for aches and pains. You can find the budget-friendly tool at Amazon starting at just $10.

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