I finally found a natural solution for the chronic back and neck pain that I've struggled with for most of my adult life.

By Brandi Broxson
Updated October 22, 2018
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Casper Wave Mattress Tout
Credit: casper.com

I’ve had upper back and neck pain for much of my adult life and feel like I’ve tried just about everything to help ease it. There was that time I had an ergonomics person set up my chair and desk (helped a bit). I tried stretching at the end of the day and using a foam roller under my neck before bed (felt nice but didn't solve the problem). I even went to see a posture coach who helped me stand up a little straighter (but still, the pain remained). One day I was riding the subway home when I saw an ad for Casper’s new Wave mattress. What makes this mattress different from the others in Casper’s lineup? This one has five layers of foam that were designed to target issues like proper spinal alignment, breathability, and pressure relief. Maybe a more supportive mattress would help my pain I wondered?

Now, some real talk: I’ve always thought that I required a firm mattress after a lifetime of hearing that soft, cushy mattresses would leave me feeling more sore. I had a spring mattress since I was a kid and worried that this new foam mattress would feel too quick-sandy. I was willing to put those worries aside after some research. Casper claimed that this “ergonomic mattress” would provide better support to the back and shoulders so I knew I had to give it a shot.

The mattress was delivered and set up on a hot summer day and the delivery person even removed my old mattress. As we watched it slowly expand to its full shape, I could sense some skepticism among my family. My boyfriend thought the foam would be hot on summer nights (and our AC bill was already too high). The dog jumped onto the mattress and quickly jumped off again after not feeling the familiar springs under his paws. I worried still about the mattress being too soft and not getting a good night’s rest before I gave a presentation the next day. But then I climbed onto the bed, laid down and noticed how my body sunk comfortably into the foam. It was like a supportive, comfy hug and for once it felt comfortable to lay on my back. I tried laying on my side and also noticed how my shoulders and upper back felt more comfortable (apparently there’s contour cuts in one of the foam layers that are supposed to support common pain points). And that worry about the foam sleeping too hot? Bogus! No middle-of-the-night sweats to report. Perhaps my favorite thing about the mattress though, is how soundly I’m sleeping now. Much of this I attribute to the decrease in tossing and turning and how little I notice my partner getting into and out of bed.

It’s only been a few months but I can say with certainty that my neck and back have never felt better. I'm more energetic throughout the day and have event cut down on my bi-weekly chiropractor appointments. And while the Casper Wave is definitely and investment, it’s one that I think pays for itself in Z’s.