The Pura Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser Is My Secret to a Great Smelling Home

It’s like burning a candle all day long, minus the fire hazard.

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Pura Smart Home Fragrance Device Bundle (Linens & Surf and Pacific Aqua)


Candles serve as a stylish way to introduce aromas into your dwelling, but open flames may not be suitable for all homes. Whether you crave something sweet and citrusy or woodsy and musky, the right home fragrance will enhance your mood and space. For me, scents are a very personal experience and often depend on the mindset I’m trying to establish. I love the unique experience (without the fire hazard) I have with the Pura Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser.

Last year, a friend gifted it to me for the holidays, and I haven't looked back since. The smart fragrance diffuser boosts your home's ambiance with tailored fragrance intensity, so you can achieve a fantastic scent-scape in any room. Even Real Simple writers have named it the best overall pick for air fresheners for its "hands-on or hands-off approach." I enjoy it so much, I keep one in my home office and another in my living room.

Pura Smart Home Fragrance Device Bundle (Linens & Surf and Pacific Aqua)


To buy: $68;

To start using the home diffuser device, twist the lid off the circular design and fill it with the two cartridges in the starter kit. Then plug it in and open the app on your phone. The Pura app allows you to fully control the aromas of your home once the device is programmed, which only took me a few minutes.

Then you can set your fragrances to start flowing by tapping on the scent pod on your home screen and hitting "start." Achieving the right balance without overpowering the room is manageable when the intensity of the scent is so customizable. There are ten intensity levels, but I haven't gone past five, even for my 700-square foot living room. Plus, every fragrance formula is made with high-quality plants, herbs, and fruits and is safe for pets and children. 

Is there anything better than coming home to your favorite scent? With Pura's "away mode," my diffuser dispels my favorite smells as soon as I walk through the door. And if I ever leave it on, I can quickly turn it off from anywhere with my phone. I've even set schedules to avoid wasting product to ensure the diffuser is not running when no one is home.

I never have to worry about it running out either, since the app monitors the runtime of each fragrance pod and warns me when it’s running low—I can even purchase refills straight from the app as well. I can also cast a colorful array of ambient light with the device at night to keep me alert. While the pods typically last about a month, I’ve been able to stretch my use to almost two months, since I don’t leave it running all day.

If you’re ready to give your favorite home space an immediate, low-maintenance upgrade, you can’t go wrong with the Pura Home Fragrance Diffuser.

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