This $11 Guacamole Storage Container That Prevents Browning Is a ‘Game Changer,’ According to Shoppers

It has over 6,500 five-star ratings.

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PrepWorks by Progressive Fresh Guacamole ProKeeper Plastic Kitchen Storage Container Tout

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If you enjoy tacos and great dips, guacamole is likely one of your favorite foods. But the downside of this avocado spread is it can go bad quickly if you don’t finish the entire amount you make in one sitting. Thankfully, Amazon shoppers have found this helpful storage container that keeps guacamole fresh longer—and it’s on sale for $11. 

The PrepWorks by Progressive Fresh Guacamole ProKeeper is 4 inches tall and 6.3 inches in diameter, and it can hold up to four cups of guacamole or up to five avocados, according to the brand. The key detail that makes this container different from others is the airtight seal created by the lid, which promises to keep guacamole from turning brown “for days.” Most importantly, more than 6,500 shoppers have given it a perfect rating and hundreds of people have weighed in with five-star reviews. 

PrepWorks by Progressive Fresh Guacamole ProKeeper Plastic Kitchen Storage Container


To buy: $11 (was $);

“I am the only one in my house to love avocado/guacamole. I can’t eat a whole one and couldn’t even make a small batch of guac without it browning until I bought this,” wrote a five-star reviewer who called the storage solution a “game changer.” They added, “[It] keeps my guac/avocado fresh and GREEN for several days!” Another shopper shared that the money they save by enjoying all of their guacamole and not throwing out “over-ripe” avocados allows this find to pay for itself “quickly.”   

Everything about keeping guacamole fresh comes down to how you store it, notes the brand. The key is to place your guacamole in a “mound” in the center of the container. Then, add the lid to the top and press it “all the way down.” These small steps help to “ensure a tight seal,” and they allow you to continue eating your batch of guacamole for much longer than a single sitting. 

“I previously used the old trick of putting cling wrap directly on the top of the guac when storing it and slightly extended the life of the guac. I gave this thing a try, and it works well,” wrote a reviewer. They also confirmed that following the brand’s instructions to place guacamole in the center is important for the airtight seal freshness, especially when you’re only storing a small amount.

Guacamole is far too delicious to toss it after a single sitting for fear of it going bad, so prolong your favorite condiment and dip for longer with the PrepWords by Progressive Fresh Guacamole ProKeeper. While it’s quietly on sale for $11, add this nifty container to your kitchen storage rotation. 

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