Shoppers Say These Nonstick Silicone Sheet Pan Dividers ‘Drastically Simplify’ Meal Prep

They’ll make you stop ordering takeout every night.

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Prepd Cheat Sheets, The Original Modular Sheet Pan Dividers


One-pan meals are the simplest way to make a quick dinner, but even they can be tricky at times. With everything cooking all together, some foods can end up overdone, or you might have one flavor that seeps into everything in the pan. So if you want to get better at meal prepping, these patented Prepd Cheat Sheets are just what you need—and you can get a pack of four (two large rectangular and two smaller square sizes) for just $30 on Amazon. They’ll make cooking so easy that you won’t have an excuse to order takeout instead. 

Prepd Cheat Sheets are silicone sheet pan dividers that keep all your foods isolated as they cook to ensure the flavors are strong and don’t bleed into each other. Even though you’re cooking everything at once, that doesn’t mean you’ll end up with some ingredients undercooked, while others are overcooked. The separate sections allow you to remove each piece of food when it’s done cooking. For example, if your vegetables are ready sooner than your meat, just take the vegetable divider out while the meat keeps cooking. One thing to keep in mind: When using a silicone sheet pan like these, be sure to keep the oven temperature below 428 degrees Fahrenheit for safety. 

Prepd Cheat Sheets, The Original Modular Sheet Pan Dividers


To buy: $30;

The dividers are made of silicone that is BPA-, BPS-, and phthalate-free, plus, they’re environmentally-friendly since they’re reusable. The silicone is nonstick and dishwasher-safe, too, making cleanup a breeze. You can easily and quickly remove your meal and wash the dividers without needing to scrub stuck-on food. Having all your ingredients in one place and not multiple pots and pans cuts down on cooking and cleaning time, too. One shopper commented that Cheat Sheets “drastically simplify” meal prep.

Another upside to using these dividers is being able to separate foods for people with allergies. One five-star reviewer said, “We're in a mixed-gluten household (one person has celiac and is diabetic, but we are not all doing a gluten-free diet). We can [maintain] portion control for carb counting and separate out gluten-free vs. none on one pan.”

You’ll never skip cooking to order food again when using these silicone Cheat Sheets that make meal prep so fast and easy. Get a set of four dividers from Amazon for only $30 to simplify your dinner routine.

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