Act Quickly Before the New Year! These Resolution-Boosting Exercise Machines Are Up to 58% Off

Including ellipticals, treadmills, stationary bikes, and more.

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Exercise Appliances Roundup

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Ah, the week after Christmas. For those lucky ducks with time off of work, the days may look like lazy couch hours or baking the days away. Perhaps a jigsaw puzzle to shake things up. The gym? That’s for 2023. Sayonara until then. Your New Year’s resolution will be to move more. 

In my experience, the best way to keep a New Year’s resolution up to speed is to pour a little money into it, more than a casual purchase. A gym membership is easy to cancel. The shame of seeing a stationary bike in the corner that you haven’t touched? Far more motivating. When your workout’s a mere ten steps away, the excuses tend to feel flimsier.

You may already be an exercise aficionado, eager for those post-Christmas sales to beef up your home gym—and your muscles. Either way, we’ve rounded up the best smart home gym systems, ellipticals, treadmills, stationary bikes, dumbbells, and more to get you feeling good.

The 11 Best On-Sale Exercise and Home Gym Appliances:

Lululemon Mirror Basic

Lululemon Studio Mirror

lululemon Studio Mirror

This discrete exercise mirror offers access to over 10,000 live and recorded exercise classes over 60 different workout styles and genres. Power it up with the lululemon Studio app to move in segments ranging from five minute guided stretches to hour-long sweat sessions. Better yet, the Mirror looks sleek and polished enough to go with any decor.

To buy: $795 (was $1,495);

Schwinn Fitness Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike


Schwinn Fitness Indoor Bike

Cycling is a low-impact cardio exercise that’s packed with health benefits. It’s lighter on your joints than running, and can also make a helpful warmup for other exercise if you’re not looking to stay on the bike for long. Discounted at a whopping 58 percent, this highly-rated stationary bike will get you moving.

To buy: $500 (was $1,200);

REDLIRO Under Desk Treadmill

Redliro Under Desk Treadmill

An under desk treadmill can be an easy way to automate your steps and exercise while checking your email, watching a show, or even participating in Zoom meetings. The movement itself is low-impact, so you can go all day if you want to (but also hop on and off at will) without having to devote a chunk of your day to hitting the gym. This Redliro Under Desk Treadmill allows you to get your steps in with zero fuss—available now for 35 percent off.

To buy: $312 (was $480);

Schwinn 810 Treadmill


Schwinn 810 Treadmill

While the under desk treadmill is an excellent option for introducing more daily movement, runners and more high-impact athletes may require more sturdy support that can handle more mileage at higher speeds. In that case, the Schwinn 810 treadmill is a solid contender. A backlit display immerses you into over 50 global routes through iconic trails, and the appliance itself includes a USB charger, media shelf, integrated heart rate grips, and and water bottle holders.

To buy: $799 (was $899);

Lifepro Adjustable Dumbbell


Lifepro Adjustable Dumbbell Set

Strength training several times a week can offer immense benefits. An added bonus is that lifting weights results in clear progress; getting to the next level up on a dumbbell can be enormously satisfying as you compare the workload on the same movement over time. Weights themselves can be expensive, however, as well as take up a lot of room. Instead, an adjustable dumbbell set—like this one for 47 percent off—gives you flexibility in your workout regimen. 

To buy: $160 (was $300);

Fitness Gear Fixed Flat Weight Bench


Fitness Gear Fixed Flat Weight Bench

For some movements, you may need a padded weight bench that keeps you comfortable while you work. You’ll want to seek out a bench with stability that allows you to try new movements and motions. Shoppers say this Fitness Gear Fixed Flat Weight Bench is both easy to use and easy to assemble.

To buy: $70 (was $110);

Tempo Studio Starter Package


Tempo Home Gym

Nowadays, there are multiple options for all-in-one complete home gym sets. The Tempo Home Gym aims to personalize weightlifting. The system comes with dumbbells, barbells, plates, collars, a heart rate monitor, a workout mat and a recovery roller. The provided programming advises you when to go up in weight, how to adjust your reps, and more.

To buy:  $1,495 (was $2,495);

Hydrow - Rowing Machine

Best Buy

Hydrow Rowing Machine

Rowing is a powerful, full-body workout that’s efficient at targeting all muscle groups. For that reason, a ten-minute workout on a rowing machine can be more productive than a forty-minute workout on a treadmill. The motion can be meditative, and people of all fitness levels can benefit. While it ultimately boils down to personal preference and all movement is good, the Hydrow Rowing Machine appears again and again as a gold standard for rowing at home.

To buy: $2,245 (was $2,495);

XTERRA ERG600W Water Rowing Machine


XTerra Water Rowing Machine

For a more budget-friendly option, the XTerra Water Rowing Machine has five programmable modes and six different resistance levels to adjust the difficulty of your workout. The machine’s water-filled “impeller”—what powers it, essentially—also means the sound of water can add some zen to your exercise session. 

To buy: $500 (was $650);

Horizon Fitness EX59 GO Series Elliptical

Horizon Fitness EX59 GO Series Elliptical

More of an elliptical person? We don’t blame you. Although your feet move in midair, the machine supports most of your weight—making the elliptical a stellar option for those newer to exercise, those building up the stamina for more high-powered exercises, or those who would simply enjoy a consistent routine.

To buy: $700 (was $1,000);

Mini Exercise Bike


Mini Under Desk Exercise Bike

Another under desk option would be this Mini Under Desk Exercise Bike. Paddling in place is an easy way to imbue more motion into your workday if you’re feeling too sedentary. At only $42, it’s the most budget friendly pick on this list.

To buy: $47 (was $51);

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