Pinterest Predicts the Top Home Trends for 2023

From weirdcore decor to rainwater collection, here are the home trends we’ll be watching.

2023 Decor Trends, According to Pinterest, rust color sofa and gallery wall in living room

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Whenever you need a spark of inspiration, it’s only instinct to head over to Pinterest. The creative hub is full of the latest trending ideas for all aspects of life. To help you get ahead of the curve, the Pinterest team predicted the top home trends of 2023. (They’ve had an 80 percent success rate with their predictions in the past three years!)

“I am personally excited to see Pinners continue to value different areas of the home, and that really comes through from the trends we’re seeing in our Pinterest Predicts 2023 report,”  says Jeremy Jankowski, creator management lead of Home & Design at Pinterest. “It reinforces the value our personal space holds.”

Here are the top five home trends that Pinterest predicts will be strong next year. 

1. Vintage Meets Modern

Vintage isn’t going anywhere. Instead, people will embrace the past by pairing older pieces with simple, modern style furnishings, or repurposing old goods to create something new. 

The key to this trend is balance. “Mixing modern and vintage design gives a unique spin and variety to home design,” Jankowski says. “Mixing modern and vintage pieces in the home removes monotony and gives a cathartic balance to design. Too much modern can feel cold and too much vintage can feel dated.”

2. Bathroom Bliss

You don’t need to have a bathtub to practice self-care. More and more people are searching for shower bombs and home spa aesthetics. Pinterest searches for walk-in and doorless showers and luxury bathroom routines are on the rise as well. Whether your bathroom is in need of a complete remodel or you’re just looking for some new hair and skin care products to add to your routine, people will shake up their bathrooms and self-care routines in 2023. 

3. Weirdcore Decor

When it comes to decorating, the weirder the better. Weirdcore design is in, starring fantasy art and adorable mushroom decor. Pinterest experts expect to see a lot of freaky wallpaper, bold colors, funky statement decor pieces, and vintage artwork, in a big move toward maximalist home design.

“Weirdcore is about being all of you, celebrating the eccentric parts of your personal style you maybe would’ve hidden in previous years,” Jankowski says. “It only makes sense the more we progress as a society that individuals are finding more and more ways to embrace the creative expression they love in the place they spend most of their time.”

4. Eco-Friendly Gardening

Where better to become more environmentally conscious than in our home gardens? People are seeking out naturally sustainable solutions for plant growing, such as harvesting rain water and drought-tolerant landscaping. Beautifying your garden can be an even greener process with water conservation.

5. Entrancing Entrances

Front porches are going to get a lot of attention in 2023. From front door design to foyer decor, Pinterest will be booming with fresh ideas for revamping your entryway space with embellishments and updated designs.

Jankowski believes the renewed focus on entryways is due to the way we shop. “E-commerce has paved the way for us to find exactly what we want and personalize so much of our lives. Why wouldn’t we bring this to the front door, the first place guests see when coming over?”

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