Pinterest Predicts the Top Food Trends of 2023

We can’t say we’re totally surprised by this food forecast for the next year.


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For many, Pinterest serves as a little virtual hub where we can plan for special occasions, explore our creative side, and find the most delectable recipe for a simple weeknight meal. And since this platform is best known for planning, Pinterest has compiled its biggest predictions for the year ahead. If you’re wondering how accurate their future forecast is, just know that for the past three years, 80 percent of their report predictions were totally spot-on. Pretty impressive, huh?

So how does Pinterest compile these predictions? They use a four-key stage approach: data examination, curation, inclusion, and accountability. By using these specific measurements, data analytics experts can examine long-standing trends and determine how they’re continuing to grow in the coming years.

The 2023 Pinterest projections span various categories like home, beauty, celebrations, entertainment, fashion, travel, wellness, and more. But the topic we’re most eager to uncover is food, of course. Here’s what kind of drinks and fare can we expect to see trending in the coming year.

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The YOLO Years

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Move over youngsters, 2023 is all about celebrating more “seasoned” folks. What does that mean exactly? Because the pandemic made us close our social calendars for an extended period, Boomers and Gen X are looking to make up for lost time. We love this trend because it’s encouraging older generations to take advantage of the present moment and celebrate big. The Pinterest report saw a spike in searches for "100th birthday party ideas" and "80th birthday decorations." Themes like “golden anniversary parties” were up 370 percent, and “50th-anniversary cookies decorated” increased by 135 percent.

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If you have an appreciation for baking and botany, you’re going to love this trend. Over the last few years, it seems as if everyone is putting their baking skills to the test (raise your hand if you attempted your own sourdough.) This movement is all about creating something both edible and beautiful; enter the “bouqake.” Gen X and millennials are expressing themselves with aesthetically pleasing floral cakes and desserts. While this concept may seem unfamiliar right now, Pinterest searches have already seen a 210 percent rise in “sage green cupcakes” and a 110 percent spike in “wildflower cupcakes.” But the most impressive insight must be for “herbal apothecary aesthetic” which saw a 1,025 percent increase in interest.

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Free Spirits

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Aperitifs sans alcohol have been trending in Europe for years, and now it’s becoming more common here in the states too. There are plenty of options when it comes to non-alcoholic wine, beers, and spirits these days, and restaurants are offering more thoughtful and creative mocktail menus to satisfy this popular need. Searches for “mocktail bars” and “fancy ice cubes” are quickly climbing the charts. But “fancy non-alcoholic drinks” is taking the cake with a 220 percent spike, and “creative cocktails presentations” went up by an impressive 555 percent.

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Vitamin Seaweed


Getting our fair share of superfoods is still a top priority for many. 2023 will specifically be about ocean-based foods, like green algae, nori, and seaweed. Originally derived from places like Japan, Korea, and the Philippines, these nutrient-dense foods have a wide variety of health benefits, and can be seamlessly incorporated into a daily diet. “Seaweed snack recipe” and “salmon bowl” searches soared by 245 percent and “green algae” and “nori recipes” are up by 60 percent as well. Pinterest peeps are also interested in understanding the benefits of chlorophyll water.

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