These Frames Are My Hack for Changing the Look of My Glasses Without Having to Spend a Ton of Money

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Pair Eyewear

For as long as I’ve had glasses, I’ve typically worn the same frames on repeat until I desperately needed a new pair. After all, buying new meant heading to a store, trying on dozens of styles, and spending more money than I’d like to. To avoid the hassle, I resorted to my same trusty pair, until I recently discovered Pair Eyewear.   

The brand creates high-quality glasses at a more affordable price. With Pair Eyewear, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on one pair of glasses only to be limited to wearing the same frames every day. Instead, you can choose a base style like rectangular and cat eye, select a lens type including prescription and non-prescription, and find hundreds of top frame colors and prints. When the brand sent me a pair of the Wanda prescription glasses and three frames, I was more than ready to try out these designs.

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Pair Eyewear

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It took just three easy and fun steps to select my base frame and top frames. I chose the oversized cat-eye base frame with a prescription lens and searched through tons of top frames—changeable designs that attach to the base frame—from a Van Gogh-inspired pattern to an ivory-tortoise design. After receiving my new glasses, I was impressed by the lightweight design of the magnetic attachment between the base and frame. Yes, it’s that easy—there’s no hardware required, no sticky adhesive, and no bulky eyewear to deal with. I just swap on my desired top frame and go about my day.               

I also received the brand’s sun top frame that conveniently transforms my prescription glasses into sunglasses. This has definitely come in handy while I’m driving, so I don’t have to squint my eyes or use the visor anymore. The brand’s sun top frames have UVA and UVB protection along with an anti-reflective coating and polarized lenses to reduce glare. Nearly every time I’m in my car, I wear these frames to protect my eyes while still being able to see clearly.

black sun top

Pair Eyewear

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I wasn’t surprised to see that nearly 500 shoppers gave the sun tops a five-star rating. One person called them an “easy solution” to replace the need for an extra pair of prescription sunglasses, while a second said they “go with everything” and are “practical” for sunnier weather. 

For those who don’t need prescription sunnies, Pair Eyewear also has a collection of regular sunglasses that can be customized with top frames. 

I’m not usually one to reach for colorful prints even though I’ve always wanted to wear them. In the past, I’ve opted for solid colors like black or silver, or more subtle designs that wouldn’t clash with my wardrobe. But while I was browsing, the Wild Roses pattern from the Van Gogh Collection made me stop mid-scroll, as I was immediately drawn to the green hues and delicate floral print. Knowing that I had the freedom to easily pop this design on to complement my outfit, I had peace of mind about finally trying colorful frames without investing in an entirely new pair of glasses. Now that spring has arrived, I’ve been getting plenty of use out of these floral frames by wearing them with solid-colored tops, jeans, and midi dresses.

the wild roses

Pair Eyewear

To buy: $27 with code REALSMPLE10 (was $30);

Save tons of money on your glasses and frames, and shop these customizable styles at Pair Eyewear with code REALSMPLE10 at checkout. I’m already looking forward to adding more designs to my collection.

ivory tortoise

Pair Eyewear

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