OXO Launched a New Fridge Organization Line—5 Favorites We're Ordering Now

Get ready to decant!

OXO Fridge Organization, tidy fridge


From garbage cans to can openers, OXO is known for making all those little gadgets, storage containers, and other kitchen essentials we just can’t live without. Now they are taking it a step further with the launch of their brand-new fridge organization line. Launching March 1, 2023, it includes everything needed to create a Pinterest-perfect fridge. Ready to click “add to cart?” Here are some must-haves from the new fridge organization line.

Clear OXO fridge shelf riser


Adjustable Refrigerator Shelf Riser

Most professional organizers will tell their clients to make use of vertical space and there’s no better way to do it than using OXO’s Adjustable Refrigerator Shelf Riser ($25, oxo.com). Designed to take advantage of that empty space that every refrigerator has, it features five adjustable heights to get the perfect fit. Tapered legs help avoid interference from food while non-slip feet keep the riser secure on both solid and wire shelves. With a 25-pound weight capacity, there’s no need to worry about tipping or collapsing. It also assembles easily without tools. 

OXO Under Shelf Drawer with apples


The Refrigerator Under-Shelf Drawer 

You know that space under shelves that just kind of stays empty? Why not maximize it with this under-shelf drawer ($30, oxo.com)? It easily attaches without any type of tool. Available in two sizes (10.8 inches and 14.8 inches), you’ll never wonder where to fit in that block of Manchego or package of turkey ever again. 

OXO Fridge Beverage Mat


Refrigerator Beverage Mat

We’ve seen containers that hold cans but OXO’s Refrigerator Beverage Mat ($12, oxo.com) is next-level. This double-sided mat is made from flexible material and securely accommodates cans, wine bottles, and large beverage bottles, or any combination of the three. Made of non-slip material, there is no need to worry about the bottle of Sauvignon Blanc or those cans of ginger ale rolling out of the fridge. Best of all, it takes up less space and is far more versatile than traditional can holders and those built-in wine racks.

OXO Egg Tray with two sticks of butter on top


Egg Bin with Removable Tray 

Egg cartons are so fragile and with the current egg shortage, it’s crucial to protect your supply. That’s what makes the Egg Bin With Removable Tray ($20, oxo.com) such a smart idea. It’s also far easier to inventory your eggs in a clear bin versus one of those cardboard or styrofoam cartons. Better yet, because your eggs are protected, it’s easier to take advantage of the vertical space above this container, which fits up to 20 eggs.  

OXO 8-Piece Fridge Organization Set of bins and beverage mat


Four- and Eight-Piece Refrigerator Sets

Whether your fridge needs a little extra organization or an entire makeover, OXO has the solution with four- and eight-piece sets featuring several key organizers from the line. The four-piece set includes two 5.75-inch and two 8-inch bins, perfect for stashing everything from fruit to yogurt and snacks. This is a great idea for small refrigerators, apartments, or fridges shared by multiple roommates. 

On the other hand, the eight-piece set ($90, oxo.com) has everything you need to keep all your food neat and decanted in larger fridges, including a 5.75-inch bin, two 8-inch bins, an egg bin, tray, and mini bins, as well as a beverage mat. Basically, it's everything you'll need for a fridge organization overhaul.

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