These Silicone Spatulas Have Been a Staple in My Kitchen for Over a Year, and They’re Still Good as New

They’re dishwasher-safe and heat-resistant—and only $7 apiece.

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OXO Good Grips 3 Piece Silicone Spatula Set


The kitchen can be an intimidating place. Cooking requires juggling a lot of ingredients and working around hot appliances—and sometimes temperamental boiling water. Even for confident home cooks, products that can ease the cooking process are a welcome relief. Small appliances like instant pots, pressure cookers, and slow cookers have reduced the amount of time we need to spend in the kitchen to prepare a delicious meal, but depending on the recipe at hand, you still may have to keep a close eye on the stove or constantly stir ingredients. That’s where smaller tools come in handy, like these heat resistant, fully silicone spatulas that are lifesavers in my kitchen. 

When I got married, I was showered with sweet gifts from loved ones, all from my registry. However, there was one item I didn’t register for but received anyway, thanks to a family friend who firmly believes no kitchen is complete without it: the OXO Good Grips 3-Piece Silicone Spatula Set. Well over a year later, and I can confirm she was right. The silicone spatulas have held up to my nightly cooking for all this time, and they’re just like new—impressive given the number of times I’ve burnt water or boiled over a pot of spaghetti.

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To buy: $21;

My family friend and I are not the only fans of the product, which has earned over 1,000 perfect ratings on Amazon. One reviewer who mentioned hating how wooden spatulas need to be hand-washed said that after yet another wooden-handle spatula warped and developed mold, they “got these immediately and they've been excellent. Different shapes are great for different things, [they’re] dishwasher safe, and they've stood up to our kitchen abuse.” Another reviewer who wanted seamless spatulas found they fit the bill: “[They’re] sturdy, comfortable in my hand and well-balanced. They washed easily (no staining) and retained no smell.”

Unlike wooden spatulas, the fully silicone spatulas are dishwasher-safe and heat-resistant. The three-piece set comes with a small spatula, a medium spatula, and a spoon spatula in a fun mix of colors including light blue, cherry red, and cream. The small size is great for mixing in saucepans, while the spoon size is perfect for getting every last bit of food out of jars. The medium spatula is a great everyday size—a staple for mixing, scraping, and stirring. The handles have a nylon core underneath that makes the spatula stiff and easy to use, unlike if it was silicone all the way through. However, the silicone exterior is non-slip and won’t scratch.  

It’s not an uncommon experience for any cook: accidentally leaving a spatula too close to the hot stove, only to smell burning plastic and find your go-to kitchen tool permanently ruined. I’ve ruined quite a few plastic spatulas in my kitchen attempting to cook dinner. Similarly, washing wooden spatulas has led to splintering. Luckily, these silicone spatulas have lasted through it all.

The OXO Silicone Spatula Set has made it through my year of learning how to—and loving to—cook. The durability, and ease of cleaning of these sleek spatulas all makes them perfect for everyone from the novice to the seasoned home chef. Shop them now at Amazon for just $21 ($7 apiece!).

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