Forget Cold Tiles! This Best-Selling Bath Rug Makes Coming Out of the Shower Feel Luxe

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You don’t walk around your home barefoot in the winter, so why would you do it when you step out of the shower? Exactly. The tile is cold and even if you have a thin towel laid out by the tub, the feeling is hardly luxurious… it’s just plain hard. Now a plush bathroom mat that feels like “stepping onto a soft cloud?” That’s something we can get behind, and this best-selling bathroom rug that shoppers can’t stop raving about is it. And it’s only $22 at Amazon with a double discount. 

Unlike other bath mats that can be thin and not as absorbent, this lush bathroom rug from Olanly is the complete opposite. The rug has a high-pile microfiber design that cushions your feet when you step on it thanks to just over an inch of height. The thick fibers are sewn with an interlocking design, so the strings won’t unravel after a ton of use. And because you’ll have a nice barrier between you and the tile, you won’t catch a chill right after that hot shower. 

OLANLY Luxury Bathroom Rug Mat


To buy: $22 with coupon (was $36);

In addition to its super soft feel, the dense fibers from the rug might soak up more water than you’d think. Shoppers confirm that the bath mat is extremely absorbent; one reviewer even said the rug “dries [their] feet well as the fabric gets between [the] toes.” Several others love how dry the mat gets, even after stepping on it soaking wet. And the good news? The water won’t penetrate through the bottom with normal shower drippage. 

The rug also has a grooved rubber backing that prevents it from moving around. The plastic material on the bottom is designed to last, according to the brand, so even after multiple washes, the backing won’t crack and fall off. Speaking of washing, this rug can also be thrown in the washing machine—yes, even with its impressive thickness. Some people said the rug feels a little damp after washing and drying though. After laundering, just let it air dry atop the bathtub edge before enjoying it post-shower. 

No matter what your style is, the Olanly rug mat can fit right in, too. It’s available in nine stylish colors and nine sizes, accommodating both large and small bathrooms. It’s just one reason why people buy it in bulk to use it outside of the shower as a bathmat as well as a comfy rug by the vanity and the toilet. “Love how cozy and thick this feels stepping out of the shower,” wrote another reviewer. “Massive upgrade in luxe feel versus our old thin woven mat.”

If you want a spa-like experience right at home, getting Olanly’s now-$22 soft bath mat is the first step. 

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