I Normally Overheat Under Weighted Blankets, but This Chunky Knit Version Is Breathable Enough for Any Season

And it’s made from recycled water bottles.

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Knit Weighted Blanket


When I first moved into my new apartment, I was minimal on bedding—and eager to figure out my best combination. Being without a comforter for days felt, well, comfortless. Since a Swedish study recently discovered that using a weighted blanket instead of a lighter one boosted sleep chemicals such as melatonin and oxytocin, getting a weighted blanket was at the top of my wishlist. Enter: the Nuzzie Weighted Blanket.

The Nuzzie Weighted Blanket is a sustainable chunky knit throw promising to deepen sleep, reduce anxiety, and mimic the comfort of being hugged. The weight ranges depending on the size of the blanket. A kids’ blanket is eight pounds, a full is 15, a queen is 20, and the king size weighs 25 pounds. Unlike models with glass beads, the Nuzzie gets its weight from its material: 100 percent brushed jersey-knit polyester on the outside, filled with 100 percent eco-friendly polyester fluff made from over 500 recycled water bottles. And we love that for it. 

Knit Weighted Blanket


To buy: From $169; shopnuzzie.com and amazon.com.

When Nuzzie sent me its Weighted Blanket to try two weeks ago, I slept with just this knit and sheets. I’ve since then added a duvet to the mix, but credit my improved sleep quality to the Nuzzie’s cooling construction and soothing weight. On my first night with it on top of me, I woke up feeling uncharacteristically refreshed. Even my fitness tracker noticed, complimenting my recovery and displaying a significantly higher “sleep score” versus previous nights. My roommate, who has the same blanket, agreed, noting how good the blanket felt.

I’m aesthetically picky, and even I had to admit the blanket looks stellar. From its eight colorways, I chose the Midnight color, an attractive charcoal that looked incredibly textural while folded. When I spread it out, the pebbled surface looked even better as a bedspread (which is exactly how I’ll style it all winter.) The brand notes that the thermo-regulating blanket is designed not to drape over the end of the bed, as otherwise, the pressure would be uncomfortable. You should pick your blanket based purely on size, not weight. 

As a warm sleeper, most weighted blankets make me feel stifled if I sleep with them. I’ve woken up more than once kicking a glass-beaded blanket off me in a dry-mouthed, sweaty panic at 3 a.m. The open-weave knit of the Nuzzie Weighted Blanket instead allowed for a bit of breeze during the night. As a native-born Floridian, I’m used to at least 80-degree temps and minimal air conditioning—so I’m relieved to have bedding that lasts through any season. Deep-pressure benefits shouldn’t end in the wintertime. In the winter, I’m curious about the open knit as I suspect it may err on the colder side, but as long as you have at least one additional layer, insulation shouldn’t be a problem. 

I haven’t attempted to wash mine yet, but Nuzzie claims the Weighted Blanket is both machine washable and dryable, crafted from fabric that resists color fading over time. That low-maintenance quality makes me more inclined to agree with the price point—which feels high, although in line with similar brands—because the blanket will supposedly last longer and be more of an investment than a casual purchase.

The Nuzzie Weighted Blanket’s cooling construction, thirty-night return window, and its sustainable materials gave me confidence in choosing bedding to impact my sleep quality. Picking out bedding can be a weighty decision, but it’s easy to feel good about shopping such a lasting all-season buy. Shop the Nuzzie Weighted Blanket now for your deepest snooze.

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