I Found These 12 Kitchen Storage Solutions to Organize My Whole Kitchen, and They’re Up to 63% Off

I won’t need to search high and low anymore.

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Storage Solutions Are the Organizing Heroes tout

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Since moving into my new home, I’ve been scrolling through tons of design and decor inspiration, specifically for organizing my kitchen in an aesthetically-pleasing way. So far, I’ve picked up a few tips from arranging my plates and bowls to creating an eye-pleasing coffee bar, but after conquering those mini-projects, I find myself tossing piles of snack bags onto the shelves of my pantry, and wedging bottles in the refrigerator wherever there’s space. 

I needed a solution, and while checking out the sale section at Nordstrom Rack, I was surprised to find that my go-to for affordable designer fashion has a kitchen storage section, too. And, not only does the brand have a ton of kitchen organizers, but plenty of them are also on sale for up to 63 percent off right now. In my search, I found organizing tools for items that I didn’t even realize needed it, like an egg storage container for $10 that comes with a lid to protect the eggs while creating additional storage space on top. Or this set of nesting baking dishes to save space in my kitchen cabinets that’s 60 percent off right now. 

Take a look below to shop these organizing heroes and more on sale now at Nordstrom Rack.

Kitchen Storage Solutions at Nordstrom Rack: 

ARGENTO SC Wood Lid 3-Piece Glass Jar Set

Nordstrom Rack

To buy: $17 (was $25); nordstromrack.com.

I love the charm and clean look of glass storage jars, so naturally, this  jar trio with wooden lids for just $17 immediately jumped out at me. These jars can hold snacks like nuts and raisins, or baking essentials like sugar and flour, making them super versatile. For those going for a farmhouse look, this set of glass jars with bamboo clamp lids will serve that aesthetic. They have a 4.9-star rating, with one shopper who shared that they’re “easy to open” and have a “solid and tight seal.”

I’ve also been wanting to organize my eyesore collection of seasonings, and this nine-piece glass jar set for 40 percent off not only does the trick, but it comes with a space-saving tiered rack, too. And for those who want storage sans glass, consider this plastic smart seal food container on sale for under $20.   

SORBUS Clear Lidded Bin Set

Nordstrom Rack

To buy: $46 (was $62); nordstromrack.com.

I’m finally addressing that mess of a pantry I mentioned earlier, and I found a set of bins in assorted sizes that will organize my bags of pretzels and chips, boxes of pasta, and more. These bins also come with lids so they can be stacked to make the most of my storage space. A reviewer noted that these clear bins make it “easier to find what [they're] looking for” and that they use the bins to keep their refrigerator organized.  

This soda can organizer is also perfect for tidying up cans of soup in my kitchen cabinet or pantry. Another storage solution is a $10 bin with removable slats, so I can store smaller essentials, like tea bags and my kid’s favorite juice boxes. And for those who are tight on drawer space, this bamboo utensil caddy will keep forks, knives, and spoons sorted and accessible.    

JOYJOLT Glass Mixing Bowl Set

Nordstrom Rack

To buy: $50 (was $105); nordstromrack.com.

I can’t overlook that my kitchen cabinets definitely need to be cleaned out and reorganized. Just like those nesting baking dishes, this five-piece mixing bowl set with lids is a perfect space saver and replacement for the mismatched pieces I’m currently working with. I also have way too many food savers (some without lids), so this set of 24 food storage containers will eliminate the stress of finding the right pairing, and give my refrigerator a more uniformed look. With a 4.9 average star rating, one shopper said these containers are “easy to handle” and that they love the variety of sizes included 

Head to Nordstrom and grab these space-saving storage solutions for your kitchen while they’re still up to 63 percent off today.     

ARGENTO SC Modular Egg Storage Container

Nordstrom Rack

To buy: $10 (was $18); nordstromrack.com.

JOYJOLT nesting Glass Baking Dishes with Airtight Lids

Nordstrom Rack

To buy: $46 (was $116); nordstromrack.com.

JOYJOLT Glass Storage Jars with Airtight Bamboo Clamp Lids

Nordstrom Rack

To buy: $21 (was $50); nordstromrack.com.

ARGENTO SC Glass Jar & Rack Set

Nordstrom Rack

To buy: $30 (was $50); nordstromrack.com.

BERGHOFF Leo Smart Seal Food Container

Nordstrom Rack

To buy: $19 (was $35); nordstromrack.com.


Nordstrom Rack

To buy: $25 (was $32); nordstromrack.com.

ARGENTO SC Plastic Bin with Removable Slats

Nordstrom Rack

To buy: $10 (was $20); nordstromrack.com.

BERGHOFF Compartment Bamboo Flatware Caddy

Nordstrom Rack

To buy: $22 (was $35); nordstromrack.com.

Glass Food Storage Containers with Airtight Lids JOYJOLT

Nordstrom Rack

To buy: $47 (was $105); nordstromrack.com.

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