I’ve Purged All of My Cookware Since Discovering This Genius Nonstick Pan That’s Easy to Clean—and It’s on Sale

The lightweight pan is oven-safe and food always slides right off.

Ninja CW102CP Foodi NeverStick PossiblePan, Premium Set

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As a shopping editor who tests hundreds of products every year, I tend to be pretty picky about what makes it into my already-crowded kitchen cabinets, but this versatile pan has earned itself a permanent spot. In fact, I haven’t used the rest of my cookware since discovering it. 

After ruining several pricey pans that promised to be nonstick, I began searching for one that would be versatile, easy to use and clean, and resistant to scratches. And after testing it for more than a year, the Ninja Foodi NeverStick PossiblePan has proven to be all of that. It’s now the most used item in my kitchen (besides my beloved blates), and it’s even helped me to become a better cook. 

Ninja CW102CP Foodi NeverStick PossiblePan, Premium Set


To buy: $100 (was $130); amazon.com.

There are a few standout features that set this lightweight pan apart from the competition, including its versatile design. Unlike other cookware on the market, this one piece functions as 12 different kitchen staples. 

It comes with a lid, a stainless steel basket, and a spatula, and together these various tools make the pan function as a skillet, steamer, strainer, roasting pan, baking dish, saucepan, and more. And because it’s oven-safe up to 500 degrees, you use it on the stovetop and in the oven (hello, chocolate chip skillet cookies!). I’ve used it to sear meats, sauté vegetables, bake casseroles, boil pasta, make homemade pasta sauce, and more.

While it’s not hard to find a non-stick pan on the market these days, I wanted one that was durable and made from safe materials, so I would have peace of mind about the food I was ingesting. I didn’t want to worry about scratching, and I didn’t want to deal with potentially harmful nonstick coating peeling or flaking off and mixing into the food I prepared. 

Unlike other pans that start to peel or flake when used with hot temperatures, this one was “super-heated” at 30,000 degrees Fahrenheit and uses the brand’s exclusive coating, so it offers a unique ceramic surface that’s inherently nonstick and safe for cooking. 

Ninja CW102CP Foodi NeverStick PossiblePan, Premium Set


To buy: $100 (was $130); amazon.com.

And as someone who’s still a cooking novice, I’ve made quite a few blunders while learning over the last year, like cranking up the heat and skimping on oil. To my surprise, the pan shows zero signs of abuse. And everything I’ve made still slides off with ease. 

Though it’s designed to be dishwasher safe, I’ve been hesitant to clean it in my machine out of fear that I’ll ruin the nonstick surface like I have with other pans. Thankfully, it’s been easy to clean, so I don’t mind spending an extra two minutes handwashing it. And while I can’t speak to its dishwasher compatibility, several Amazon reviewers have been braver than me, placing it in their machines regularly.

The only shortcoming I’ve discovered so far has to do with its size. I can’t use it to make big batches of things like pasta or soup due to its shallow design. Since I’m usually cooking for just myself or sometimes a friend, it hasn’t proven to be a problem. Those feeding a family or crowd, may want to opt for the larger pot version, the Foodi NeverStick PossiblePot

Ninja Foodi NeverStick Possible Pan in Paprika

Ninja CW102CP Foodi NeverStick PossiblePan, Premium Set


To buy: $130; amazon.com.

Years ago, I would have considered myself a terrible cook who relied on microwaving foods and takeout. Now, I want to care for myself by making healthy home cooked meals and avoiding the greasy takeout. Learning to cook has proven to be a slow journey—and I’m no Ina Garten, but I’m committed to making one new recipe a week. 

I’ve already learned how to make several one-pot meals, like chicken curry and shakshuka. The reliability and ease that this piece of cookware provides has helped me master recipes and boosted my confidence, which motivates me to keep going on my cooking journey. And the fast cleanup eases some of the stress, too. While the durable nonstick design and versatility are both pretty impressive, it’s the confidence that I’ve gained while using this handy skillet that’s truly astonishing. 

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