9 New Year's Party Games to Celebrate 2023

Step aside, Pictionary.

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Between the holidays and the start of the year, there isn’t much time to plan a party for New Year’s Eve. Whether you’re hosting friends or family, you’ll need a way to pass the time until midnight. Pick a few of these fun and easy New Year’s party games to celebrate the new beginnings of 2023. 

1. Two Resolutions and a Lie

How well do you know your friends? Put your friendships to the test by playing this variation of Two Truths and a Lie. Share two of your New Year’s resolutions (plus one you’ve made up) without saying which is which. See which of the guests can guess the imposter.

2. 2023 Predictions Bingo

When your guests arrive, give them a blank bingo sheet. Ask them to fill out the squares with their predictions for 2023. Answers can be as creative or practical as they want. Maybe they’re aiming for a promotion or have predictions about which celebrity relationships will fall apart. Have them bring their cards back to ring in 2024 to see whose predictions were the most accurate. 

3. Charades

Enjoy this classic party game with a festive twist. Write down all of the landmark events from 2022 on slips of paper. It can be anything: pop culture, politics, personal milestones, or inside jokes. Take turns drawing from a hat and acting out the situation. 

4. The Name Game

Ask guests to write down names on slips of paper. The names can be anything—real people, fictional characters, celebrities, even people in the room. Split guests into even teams. For a simpler version of the game, each team can get one minute to go through as many of the names as possible. Have one person from the team draw a name, and then use whatever words to describe the person without saying their name while their teammates guess. Keep drawing new names until the minute is up. Then the next team goes. The game continues until there are no more names to draw. The team that correctly guessed the most names wins. 

Pro Tip: For a more complicated version, play two additional rounds with the same names. Play the second round like charades, and play the third round by only giving a one-word clue about the name. 

5. New Year’s Mad Libs

If your guests love to laugh, try this New Year’s Resolution Mad Libs from The Idea Room. Let your guests pair off to dictate their resolutions. Once everyone is done, have them share out loud. You can even give a prize to the most laughable. 

6. Name that Song

This one’s for the music aficionados. Find a playlist with 2022’s top hits (or create your own). Play a snippet of one song at a time, and have partygoers guess what song it is. Bonus points for getting the artist correct. Divide into teams, or play free for all. 

7. Best of 2022

Every year has highs and lows, but reflecting on the positives makes it all worth it. These Best Of cards from Classy Cutter are the perfect way to prompt conversation. Place them in a bowl and draw one card, then ask everyone to share their answer. 

8. Resolution White Elephant Gift Exchange

White Elephant doesn’t have to be a Christmas game. Ask everyone to bring a resolution-related gift. It could be anything—some face masks or body scrubs to practice self-care, a vegetarian cookbook to eat less meat, or decaf coffee to drink less caffeine. Challenge your guests to try out their new resolution in 2023.

9. New Year’s Trivia

How much do you remember from 2022? Design your own trivia questions to test your guests’ knowledge on 2022 happenings. Ask about pop culture, sports, music, and events, and award points for the right answer. Play in teams or individually, and tally up the winners. 

Pro Tip: Don’t have time to write questions? This trivia game on Etsy has prepared questions about New Year’s traditions.

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