When Clutter Stresses Me Out, These Easy, Stylish Drawer Organizers Save the Day

They come in a pack of 12 for just $25.

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NEATERIZE Drawer Organizer Tout

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Last night, I had a small personal crisis and started deep-cleaning my closet top to bottom. Lest I sound too high and mighty, when I have a particularly awful or overwhelming week, I first do not care about the explosion of clothes on my floor or the water glasses piling up by my bedside—until it reaches the point when it’s more stressful than giving myself a break in the first place. So I put on a TV show in the background, grabbed my laundry hamper and a trash bag, and settled in beside my wardrobe for an hour or two to let my brain turn off amongst the folding. My secret weapon? The Neaterize Drawer Organizer Set.

Studies show that clutter can stress us out, especially women. Our brains like visual order, and being constantly confronted with the opposite can reduce our focus and increase our agitation. When I’m being a perfectionist or beating myself up for not meeting some unfair standard, cleaning is an easy solution because it provides a tangible and immediate sense of accomplishment.

Whether traveling, settling into a new space, or revamping a familiar one, these canvas drawer organizers help me to categorize my items in a way that keeps me organized. They’re structural enough to make me feel more put together even if I’m just storing my clothes under my bed. They’re light, flat-pack, and durable, making them easy to shuttle around. I’ve ordered a pack four separate times, and each time, it’s made a world of difference in my cleanliness. 

NEATERIZE Drawer Organizer


To buy: $25; amazon.com.

The set includes 12 cloth baskets in a range of sizes: four smaller cubes, four rectangular bins, and four large squares. Each bin comes with a removable floor for structure, rigid corners, and an attractive stitched design. While I opted for standard black, the bins also come in beige, dark gray, light gray, white gray, pink, and navy—so you can use them with any color scheme or decor.

When arranging a drawer or closet, the larger organizers fit well together to complement my clothing arrangement, making it easy to grab and pick my outfit when I’m in a rush without having to rummage. I tend to use the small cubes as catch-alls for my bedside table—dumping in my keys, medicines, jewelry, or similar—or squeeze in apparel like swimsuits and tights that I have fewer of in a drawer. I find that the combination also doubles my space wherever I am, as I can fit much more clothing into each storage area. In fact, I actually go a little overboard thanks to these organizers. 

Since I have stored makeup and toiletries in these Neaterize organizers (and thus dealt with inevitable leaks), I appreciate that they’re easy to clean and repurpose. Since they’re fabric rather than plastic, I don’t have to be precise in my measurements or evaluate my closet perfectly; I can shove or adjust as necessary to force them to fit. This set of 12 is just so easy to use, and transforms any space I’m in.

After using these bins for over a year, I don’t feel organized without them, relying on their use to keep me streamlined when everything else feels messy. When all else fails, sorting my clothes and knickknacks into these convenient canvas bins makes me feel put-together, even when I’m just tossing errant items into them in a desperate attempt to hide my clutter. I appreciate their price point, volume, and look. Get an early start on spring cleaning by buying the Neaterize Drawer Organizers for just $25 for a 12-pack.

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