The Stock Market Keeps Dropping. Should I Change How I'm Investing?

On this episode of the Money Confidential podcast, host Stefanie O’Connell Rodriguez talks with Katie Gatti Tassin, host of the Money with Katie podcast, about planning an investment strategy around the current stock market.

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Every Monday on the Money Confidential podcast, host Stefanie O'Connell Rodriguez, a nationally recognized money expert, delves into your (confidential) money problems and delivers smart, practical, and completely doable solutions that will help you work toward your ultimate financial goals. This is the place to come for real talk about money—and real solutions that actually work.

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On This Episode

Is now really a good time to be investing? With prices going up and the stock market falling, how should you adjust your financial plans and investment strategy? Stefanie sits down with Katie Gatti Tassin, host of the Money with Katie podcast, to find out.

Meet Our Caller

"McKayla" is a 26-year-old listener who heads operations for a design agency in London. In November 2021, McKayla invested a generous gift of money from her aunt and uncle into eight different funds. By early 2022, however, she realized she needed to access her funds in order to buy a house before the prices could rise any higher. By the time McKayla decided to take her money out, she had lost around $15,000—and the experience has made her lose confidence in her ability to invest.

Anonymous Caller "McKayla"

"I want to be able to [invest] in a way that it becomes an advantage and a positive thing in my life rather than this huge source of stress."

—Anonymous Caller "McKayla"

Meet Host Stefanie O'Connell Rodriguez

Money confidential podcast - host, Stefanie O'Connell Rodriguez
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Stefanie is a nationally recognized personal finance expert ready to talk work, worth, and money with unapologetically ambitious women. Her work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and Oprah Magazine, and Stefanie has appeared on ABC World News, CBSN, Fox & Friends, Fox Business, Bloomberg, The Dr. Oz Show, The Doctors, and more to share her smart, practical solutions to any money problem.

Meet Our Expert, Katie Gatti Tassin

Katie Gatti Tassin
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Katie Gatti Tassin is the host of the Money with Katie podcast and creator of the personal finance blog of the same name. On her platforms, Katie shares her money management routines, and her personal budget, and discusses financial planning.

Advice From the Episode

Katie Gatti Tassin

"Markets are very cyclical. And I think when we remember this, it's a lot easier to stay the course, accept downturns and doon-and-gloom news cycles as the natural part of both market and media cycles."

—Katie Gatti Tassin
  • "I think 2022's market is a good reminder for a lot of us new investors that stocks don't only go up. Sometimes they go down, and sometimes they stay down for a long time." — Katie
  • Establish a regular interval for investing—whether that's once a month or the day after you get your paycheck—so that you're not just reacting to the news that you're seeing in the market. —Katie
  • "Nine times out of 10, the best way to get the best returns with the least effort is to decide what regular cadence you want to be using for those contributions and putting in the same amount every time, just as more money comes in." —Katie
  • Make sure your portfolio matches your risk tolerance. If your investments are causing you more stress than anything else, then it may be worth reassessing whether you need to be invested in a more conservative way. — Katie

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