The Midi Flick Haircut Is Your Favorite '90s Hair Trend Reincarnated

The once-outdated ‘do has been revived.

We’ve been seeing a lot of coastal grandmother aesthetic these days, and now it’s migrated to hair trends. Recently sported by celebs like actress Jodie Comer and model Matilda Djerf, it’s been brought to the forefront by celebrity hairstylist and content creator Tom Smith as a rising trend in early 2023. 



If you’re curious to learn more or considering hopping on the trend, we spoke to celebrity hairstylists Sunnie Brook and David Lopez to get their take on the trend, which hair types can wear it, how to style it, and more. 

What is the midi flick haircut? 

The midi flick haircut is an updated version of the '90s supermodel haircut, explains Brook, who recently styled the look on Elisabeth Moss. “The hair is mid-length and has flipped-up ends that hit right on the shoulders for a retro feel.” 

Lopez calls the look a grown-out bob, explaining, “It’s kind of what people say is ‘mom-length’—at the collarbone, or just below it. Not quite long, not quite short. It’s the length where the hair tends to flip out after you’ve had a bob.” 

Because the ‘90s revival is still going full-speed-ahead, revisiting this look seems to be a nostalgic nod with a modern twist. However, Lopez warns that without professional styling, the look can be a bit more difficult to achieve solo. 

What hair types should get the midi flick cut?

The good news is that when properly styled, the cut can be flattering for many hair types. Long story short: the more volume you have, the better. “This haircut looks great on medium to thick hair types as it keeps its shape and hold,” says Brook. Lopez agrees, adding, “A lot of times when we’re talking about specific trends, I don’t think there is only one hair type that can rock it. But I do think the midi flick looks the best when hair has a natural wave and good amount of density to it.”

Brook and Lopez also warn that it may be more challenging to style for extremely fine hair and hair that doesn’t have a lot of volume. “If you do have this hair type, you’ll want to add something that gives your hair more fullness,” says Lopez. He suggests applying Kenra Volume Mousse Extra 17 or Dry Volume Burst 3 after you’ve blown out your hair. “You can also modify it a bit by cutting the hair shorter than mid-length to maintain that bounce and flick,” adds Brook. 

How to Style the Midi Flick Haircut

Although the cut has a bit of a "messy, I woke up like this," feel, Lopez says the styling needs to look intentional. “It can’t just kind of look like a mop on the head,” he says. When you’re in the stylist chair, ask for a length that sits between the top of your shoulder and the top of your collarbone, coupled with soft, face-framing layers. 

The biggest challenge will be getting your ends to flick out the right way, so we asked Brook for a step-by-step breakdown.

  • Apply a mousse that has medium hold but is lightweight. “Biolage Whipped Volume Mousse is my go-to for a bouncy blowout that lasts,” she says.
  • Rough-dry your hair until it is around 75 percent dry. Working in sections about 1.5-inch in diameter, roll each section of hair in a round brush up to your roots and allow it to set for a moment before removing. This will help create that curvature and slight flick on the ends as your hair settles.
  • If your flick falls flat sooner than you like, add a velcro or hot roller on the ends and remove once the hair and roller are completely cooled.
  • Lock your finished look in with hairspray. You can use the side of the can of hairspray to set the curved flick in. 
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