Membership FAQs


What are the benefits of registering? 

  • Ability to save recipes, checklists and articles
  • Newsletter preference management
  • Registered and signed-in members receive additional free articles each month

What can I still access on if I don't register right now? 

You will still have unlimited access to recipes, videos, and some image galleries.

Can I pay for access to just the articles that I want on 

Unfortunately, not at this time. Our current offers only allow for unlimited accessibility to content. Click here to view our latest offers.

How do I know how many articles I've read? 

We use a technology platform that does the counting for us. Unfortunately, we do not have a counter that is visible on the website.

If I read an article on one day, and then read the same article on a different day, does that count as two articles or just one? 

If you read it on the same device and have not cleared your cookies, it will count as only one article.

I received a message to register for, however; I'm already registered or I'm already a subscriber. What should I do? 

Go to and click on the "Sign In" link located at the top of the page. Be sure to sign onto from each device.