I’m Finally Done Wasting Paper Thanks to These Reusable Sticky Notes

Simply write, stick, erase, repeat—up to 2,000 times.

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 M.C. Squares Stickies Reusable Sticky Notes


I do what I can to make sure that my home is as eco-friendly as possible, but when I took a good, hard look at my paper and plastic usage, I realized that those practices only applied to my kitchen. In my home office, I was using dozens of sticky notes a week. (I am a chronic note-taker and to-do-list maker, after all). That’s when I started searching for a more sustainable solution—and that’s when I found MC Squares.

Think of MC Squares as tiny, flexible whiteboards, roughly the size of your average sticky note. Like a whiteboard, they come with a special marker and have a shiny, washable surface, so you can write, erase, and repeat up to 2,000 times on each. On the back side, there’s a patented micro-suction material, which functions almost like an adhesive in that it sticks to stainless steel, glass, cabinets, and plastics. Unlike an adhesive, however, it’s yet to damage any of my stuff, and when it’s time to put my sticky note somewhere else, it peels off clean without any residue. You can also rinse the back to restore its clinging abilities, and the brand even offers a warranty in which it will replace a sticky note if it wears out before the two-year mark. 

 M.C. Squares Stickies Reusable Sticky Notes

To buy: $38 (was $40); amazon.com.

This MC Squares multipack comes with 24 square notes in all different pastel colors, plus you get a free wet-erase Tackie marker that resists smearing and smudging. If you’re looking for something a little more decorative, MC Squares come in tons of other designs, including hearts, circles, stars, arrows, and chat blurbs. You can also shop them in a smaller pack of 12 in various colors, starting at just $24. Get the Tackie markers in different point sizes and colors to ensure that your reminder wall is as stunning as it is useful. 

Maybe sticky notes aren’t your weakness, though—maybe you’re looking to clear paper clutter with reusable loose-leaf or graph paper. MC Squares has those, too. Finally, for people who could use a little extra guidance in the organization department, the brand also makes peel-and-stick calendars, grocery lists, labels, cleaning reminders, mental health and fitness planners — you name it, there’s probably a reusable solution that helps you and the environment simultaneously. 

You don’t have to take my word for it, though; other people are equally as obsessed. One college professor who reviewed the sticky notes called them “The best for dynamic scheduling and brainstorming.” Another shopper said the reusable loose-leaf paper was “perfect for jotting down ideas, grocery lists and everyday notes to the household,” while others called the planners a “life saver” and “by far the best out there.” In other words, a more organized, eco-friendly home is just a few squares away. 

If you’re looking to cut down on your paper usage, too, shop MC Squares’ sticky notes and other reusable options at Amazon. 

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