This 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum and Mop Is a ‘Little Gem,’ According to Shoppers—and It’s $520 Off

You can quietly save almost 75 percent off right now.

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MAMNV Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo Tout

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While you’re in the thick of spring cleaning, consider taking stock of the gadgets you keep reaching for as well as the ones you wish you had on hand to use. You’ll likely come up with a quick list of favorites as well as a short list of devices you would love to add to your rotation. If you’re dreaming of a hands-free robot vacuum that performs multiple functions, now is a great time to lean into your dream because this highly rated model is on sale for a whopping 74 percent off—a savings of $520.   

The Mamnv robot vacuum and mop combines two must-have cleaning tools into one hands-free design, so you can easily suck up spills and get rid of crumbs and dirt throughout your home without ever having to switch devices. It’s already generated nearly 1,900 perfect ratings and almost 1,500 five-star reviews, and it has even climbed into one of the top five best-selling spots in Amazon’s Robotic Vacuums category. But beyond all of its uses, one of the most exciting things about this robot vacuum is that it’s quietly marked down to just $180.  

MAMNV Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo


To buy: $180 (was $700);

“We have been using this robot for a month now, and let me tell you my floors have never looked better,” began a five-star reviewer, adding that the vacuum-mop combination “works great” to pick up dog hair, cat hair, and kids’ spills. Ultimately, they concluded, “If you’re on the edge of buying, purchase it!” 

With a battery life of up to 100 minutes, an electric control water tank that holds just under 1-cup of water, and an app you can use to control it, the robot vacuum and mop easily toggles between carpeting and hard floors, including hardwood, tile, and laminate, to keep your home clean with ease. It has a 2.87-inch slim design, it weighs just under 6 pounds, and the combination “helps the robot vacuum cleaner to reach every corner of a house or narrow space,” according to the brand. 

Of course, the efficacy of a robot vacuum cleaner and mop comes down to how much it can pick up. To enhance its cleaning, the model was designed with four cleaning modes, which you can toggle between with a remote control. The most important one to note is the device’s zig-zag option that the brand highlights allows it to “cover the largest area for cleaning, reduce missed scanning, and increase efficiency by 30 percent.” Once it runs out of power or completes a cleaning session, it simply returns itself back to its charging dock to regain its battery power.

“This robot vac and mop combo popped up in my search, and I was hesitant because it was so inexpensive,” shared a shopper. But after trying the robot vacuum and mop, they are now “beyond thrilled with this little gem.” They highlighted that the vacuum picks up dog and cat hair “effortlessly,” and the mop “does a great job cleaning with plain water.” Another reviewer who has used the cleaning gadget for “several months,” wrote, “We like that you can program it for everyday cleaning, and it returns to its base to charge overnight!”

Rather than relying on a separate vacuum and a mop to keep your floors clean and in top shape, switch to a Mamnv robot vacuum and mop to get both jobs done with one gadget that also allows you to stay hands-free. Make sure to scoop one up while you can get it for almost 75 percent off.

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