Finally, there’s a truly customizable sweater organizer that doesn’t require hammers or nails. The Sweater Organizer from the Real Simple Solutions line, available exclusively at Bed, Bath & Beyond, hangs from your closet rod, attaching with a Velcro strip.

By Real Simple
Updated September 26, 2016

Features of the product:

- It adjusts to your closets dimensions: If you have a taller closet, hang it lengthwise. If your closet is wider, use the side hinge to flip up the bottom shelves so they lay side-by-side.

- The shelves are deep enough to fit jeans, sweaters, and garments of all types.

- The organizer has four stretchy side pockets for storing belts, scarves, purses, or other small accessories.

- To create a complete organization system, slip a set of Real Simple Solutions Storage Bins into the shelves.

- Creative uses: Hang the organizer in a mudroom and assign one section to each family member. Or organize your child’s outfits for each day of the week. Create instant shelving in a linen closet—just stack folded linens and towels inside it. Or store backup beauty supplies, tissues, and toilet paper. It works well in the pantry, too: Fill it with entertaining supplies—napkins, place mats, and plastic dinnerware.