Having one handbag is not an option. Enter the Purse Organizer from the Real Simple Solutions line, available exclusively at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

By Real Simple
Updated September 26, 2016

Features of the product:

- You can place purses of all sizes and shapes underneath the crisscrossing elastic bands that hold them in place. You can even double up and store two small purses under the bands.

- The bags sit on sturdy wide shelves that lie flat when they’re not in use, saving you even more space. Plus, storing the purses on these shelves instead of hanging them preserves their shape.

- The hanger fits easily over a closet rod.

- Creative uses: Fill the shelves with rolled beach or bath towels. Or stock the organizer with linens and hang it in a guest room closet. If you have children, you can organize their toys and equipment—since the organizer uses elastic, it’s safe for little fingers.