FAQs and instructions on how to use Real Simple's recipe app for the iPad and iPhone.
No Time To Cook
Credit: RealSimple.com

In No Time to Cook?, you’ll find recipes for everything from chicken to chili to pasta to pork chops. Looking for low-calorie, make-ahead, or no-cook recipes? The app has these, too.

Here's how:

1. From the main screen, choose your favorite ingredient and how much time you have on hand. You will get several search results.

2. To filter the results for low-calorie or make-ahead, on the iPad use the drop downs in the top right under "Type of Dish" to select a category. On the iPhone, select the Filter button on the top right. You can then change your search options.

But there is more to dinner than just a great recipe! To make the weeknight-dinner dash even easier, No Time to Cook? also features:

• Grocery lists you can e-mail to save time

Here's how:

1. Find a recipe you want to add to your shopping list. Tap the button "Add to My Shopping Lists."

2. Add as many recipes to your shopping lists as you would like, then tap the button "Email List." You will need to have set up your device with an email service to be able to use this function.

• Kitchen timers to keep you on track

Here's how:

1. Go to any recipe. Tilt your device to landscape mode to view step-by-step mode (for iPhone, alternatively, you can tap "Go to Step-by-Step View."

2. On every step there is a small timer you can tap to set. To pause the timer, tap the clock again. To stop the timer, tap the clock one more time.

Need more help with Real Simple’s No Time to Cook? Email us at support@realsimple.com and we will do our best to help you. Thank you for downloading!