What Are You Thankful for This Year?

Real Simple readers express their gratitude for the things that matter most.

Photo by Christopher Silas Neal

I finally came home. My husband and I were both born and raised in Houston and attended Southwestern University, which is about 25 miles outside of Austin. My husband moved to the Bay Area in California after graduation, and I followed him in 2005. We had a great experience there but were thrilled to move back to Austin last year. Everything about this place—from the ultra-friendly people who stop you in the street to say hello to the surplus of top-notch taco vendors—feels just right.
Danielle Stapleton
Austin, Texas

In April 2008, I relocated to Columbus, Ohio, from Wisconsin for my job and wanted to join a volunteer organization where I could help animals and meet new people. By 2010 I was involved with the Columbus Dog Connection, a local dog and cat rescue organization. I now see this group as my surrogate family. I recently got engaged, and a fellow member posted the news on Facebook. I am so lucky to be embraced by these like-minded people.
Jessica Leonard
Columbus, Ohio

Scrapbooking. Currently I am working on 12 different albums. I have a few of my son, my wedding, weddings attended, trips taken, and one filled solely with birth announcements from our family and friends. I love to go through them with a glass of wine and revel over the wonderful moments they capture.
Ashley Jaques
Escondido, California

I started doing yoga in June and in a matter of three months became totally addicted. I go about five times a week. Obviously I’ve noticed a physical change (I now have muscles I didn’t even know existed), but there has been a mental one, too. Getting through a particularly tough class at my studio makes me feel so accomplished and as if I can do anything. I then take that attitude from my mat to whatever challenge I have to face that day.
Dana Nudelman
Chicago, Illinois