We asked you to name your ultimate fantasy products―beyond self-folding laundry and flying cars, here's what you came up with.
Weatherproof Garment Company polka dot umbrella
Credit: Alison Gootee

An umbrella that would pop up and hover over you whenever it started to rain. Sometimes we need both hands.
Heather Angelo
Renton, Washington

A treadmill or a stationary bike that transforms that energy into electricity for the home. That way, I wouldn’t feel guilty for using all those kilowatt-hours, and I’d get to work off the calories from brownies by creating the energy to bake them.
Lori Copeland
Arkadelphia, Arkansas

A machine that could move body fat, so I could push my outer thighs up into my bra.
Paula Trotto, Real Simple Staffer

Little food pellets that, when you add water, turn into fully prepared meals, like on The Jetsons! What a time-saver that would be.
Diane McAlister
Swampscott, Massachusetts

A shoe that has the style of a Jimmy Choo stiletto, the price of a Havaianas flip-flop, and the comfort of a New Balance sneaker.
Kate Parker, Real Simple Staffer

An iPod earphone-cord detangler. I hate having to unravel the cord every time I use my iPod.
Soraya Brooks
Hicksville, New York

Potty-training school―to take care of the most thankless job of parenting. I’d pay big bucks to drop my kids off somewhere and have them come home trained.
Shannon Pifer
Tallahassee, Florida

An instant adjustable hem. I need some way to make the length of my pants perfect for both my work heels and my stroll-through-town flats.
Julia Thies
San Francisco, California

Some kind of alarm in the mirror that tells you when you’re about to make an unflattering wardrobe choice or a major fashion error.
Stephanie Dolgoff, Real Simple Staffer

Wall paint that you could change with just a flip of a switch.
Patty Murphy
New York, New York

A robot that brings you coffee in bed in the morning.
Libby Bingham
Washington, D.C.

A stuffed animal embedded with a homing device that you could activate―no more searching desperately for your child’s favorite toy duck at 10 o’clock at night.
Colleen Meyer
Washington, D.C.