By Real Simple
Updated September 22, 2015
Ben Wiseman

Months after my sister passed away, I was alone at home getting ready for work. While I was making the bed, I said out loud how much I missed her and the light went out in the bedroom. When I asked if that was her, it went on again. I just stood there for a moment and said, “Is it really you?” and the light went out again. After a few seconds, it came back on, and I told her, “Thanks for stopping by.” Somehow it made me feel better, but it totally freaked my husband out when I told him.
Conny Toste, Puyallup, Washington

I read Dracula for the first time right around Halloween. One night I was reading the book in a restaurant, and as I left, alone, after dark, I saw a bat sitting on my windshield!
Nancy Ashurst Worth, Plano, Texas

I spent my first 18 years living on a road that not only was supposedly haunted but also had an apiary and a convent. Every Halloween, teenagers would drive down our street looking for the ghost of a nun who hanged herself. Between avoiding ghosts and bees, it was an adventure!
Christina Gentile, West Newbury, Massachusetts

I was watching the movie The Ring. According to the plot, anyone who watches the cursed videotape will receive a phone call afterward and live for just seven more days. As soon as the movie was over, my best friend called me. I was definitely not expecting it.
Cindy Williams

I once came home to an empty house and could hear keys on my piano being played! Safe to say I was definitely spooked.

After we added on an in-law suite a few years ago, strange things started happening. I heard funny noises. I found some sort of white dust on the floors. I witnessed a man come out of our laundry room and say, “Excuse me.” A medium told me that, many years before, a man had been killed under the area where the addition was built and he did not know that he was dead. She told me to tell the man he was dead and that he could leave. I did it, and he went away. We called him Casper.
Evelyn Colwell, Clermont, Florida

My mom took a picture of her cousin in the casket with a Polaroid camera. We waited for it to develop, and when it did, the only thing in the casket was his suit. I was young and it scared me to death.
Bobbie Sue Cox Brown, Harriman, Tennessee

I was stationed in Germany and was sitting in my kitchen with my friend. I was telling her how I liked the kitchen except for the ugly green glass ring on the hanging globe light. All of a sudden, the light started to sway side to side. We sat there, wide-eyed and open-mouthed. Almost on cue, the green ring shattered and scattered on the kitchen floor. Spoooky!!!
Julie Travis, Mountain Home, Idaho

My husband and I stayed in a haunted hotel room in the Finger Lakes region of New York. The first night we were there, I saw an older gentleman sitting on the end of the extra bed around 2 A.M. He was taking his shoes off and getting ready to climb in. I told my husband, only to have him tell me it was the wine. The next evening, my husband saw him and told me he was there, and that he was taking off his hat—a detail I had seen but didn’t tell him the first night. Both of us barely slept the third night.
Jessica Gravatt, Langhorne, Pennsylvania

After I bought my first house last year, I found something unusual in my back garden area...a headstone! I don’t know who this young man was, but I’m afraid to move the stone. So to this day it is still there.
Heather Moyer, Richland, Washington

My grandmother passed away two months before my first child was due. My mother had not called me yet to tell me. I woke about 4 A.M. to find my grandmother standing at the foot of my bed. She looked at me and said, “I am so sorry that I will not be here to hold your daughter.” I did not know if my baby was a girl or a boy. When my daughter was born, I did not know what to think. I still do not, 50 years later.
Catherine Cunningham, Redding, California

I thought a voice from in my dream woke me up, but instead I woke from a dream to a voice calling my name. No one was home.