What Parenting Responsibility Would You Like to Pawn Off?

Parenting is a joy, a privilege, a miracle. Except for the times when it’s not. Here, fellow parents divulge which tiresome tasks and doleful duties they would love to live without.

Photo by Anna Bond

Weekend-morning duty. My side of the bed is closest to the door, and while I love waking up to that pitter-patter, I wish it came much later than 6 A.M.

Amy Reesman

Easthampton, Massachusetts

Can I give up the hours between 4 P.M. and 7 P.M.? Like clockwork, my children go insane, crying about everything under the sun—their home-work, someone looking at them, a kid who took their crayon, or others breathing in their vicinity. The only solution seems to be sleep—preferably for me.

Marsha Ho

Staten Island, New York

Helping out with homework. It’s still boring, even when you’re a grown-up.

Heather Jennings

Oakland, California

This is awful, but I can’t stand playing—especially playing on the playground and assembling toys. I’ll bathe, feed, and nurture my kids, volunteer in their classrooms, drive to the store, and read dozens of books at bedtime. But playing? It’s torture.

Jennifer Barnett

Falls Church, Virginia

Without question, bath time. My three little ones (ages six and under) put up a fight about getting their hair washed. And when that’s finally done, they refuse to get out of the water. One day, when they’ve grown up, I might just miss this daily battle. But that day is definitely not today.

Brenda Brooks

Louisville, Kentucky

Thanks to doctors’ appointments, piano lessons, gymnastics classes, and other commitments, I spend two hours every day chauffeuring my kids. I would love a reprieve from my time behind the wheel.

Cindy Garman

Milford, Ohio

Disciplining is never fun. It makes my life and my kids’ lives miserable, and it’s always evolving, depending on the kid and the age.

Sheila Morreale

Nashville, Tennessee

Getting my kids to brush their teeth correctly. I wish I could hire someone to supervise.

Donna Reeve

Carrboro, North Carolina

Stirring natural peanut butter. Our family goes through at least a jar a week, and I always end up covered with oil.

Liz Fisher

Brooklyn, New York