How Do You Keep Up Your Energy and Stamina?

You told Real Simple how you keep yourself going.

Photo by Joy Gosney

Fitting Play Into Work

As a medical student, my 12-hour workdays are punctuated with 36-hour shifts every fourth day. After the 36-hour shift, I reserve any time left in the day as unadulterated, guilt-free leisure time. I spend it with good friends, or I read, knit, or paint. This ensures a balance between work and play and enables me to start each new workday refreshed and clearheaded. 
Janet Chou 
Boston, Massachusetts 

Staying Active

When I got my dog, I promised him that, no matter what the weather, we would go walking twice a day―once in the early morning and once in the evening. The joy he gets from these simple romps rubs off on me and keeps my levels of mental and physical energy high. For nine years, I've been keeping my promise to him. 
Charlotte MacDonald
Kane, Pennsylvania

I try to put a spring in my step wherever I go: taking stairs two at a time while doing laundry, biking to work, or cranking up the music and dancing while doing housework.
Pamela Heisey
Sausalito, California

I make exercise a priority. When I can't go to the gym three times a week, I at least do some floor exercises. And I try to keep growing as a person―seeing friends, learning a new craft, taking a class. You have to do some planning to fit these activities into your life, but it's well worth it.
Mary Lou Glazer
Northport, New York

I have a toddler and a home-based business, and I suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome. Practicing yoga for 30 minutes a day is the one and only thing that gives me the energy and stamina to keep up with it all.
Paula Rozelle Bagnall
Nashville, Tennessee