What Color Do You Use Most In Your Decorating and Why?

Readers share their favorite shades to live with, from orange to aquamarine—and everything in between.

Photo by Christopher Silas Neal

Sage green reminds me of spring, but I mostly love it because of how well it hides dirt. Somehow my kids’ fingerprints nearly disappear on my living room’s sage green walls. Another great trick: I throw a tablecloth with sage green leaves over my kids’ homework on the dining-room table when we have company. No one has a clue that the mess is under there.
Jen Baker
Hackettstown, New Jersey.

My mother wore a lot of bright lipstick red clothing when I was a child—just one of the reasons the hue has such positive associations for me. When I see my two red couches or walk into my red dining room, I think of ripe cherries, autumn foliage, and Christmas. The color is heart, home, warmth, and good cheer, all rolled into one.
Catherine S. Vodrey
East Liverpool, Ohio

I adore olive green furniture. My contemporary pieces in that color complement my antiques, making them look less dated and helping them blend in with the rest of the decor.
Leigh Dierck
Los Angeles, California

I’ve spent my whole life in the military, which means I’ve moved around a lot (to 33 different places in 52 years!). Decorating each new home has been one of my greatest pleasures, and that’s due, in part, to chocolate brown. It goes with everything. I made my first chocolate brown purchase at age 19, when I bought a king-size bed. Today I have drapes, throw pillows, and a dining-room table in that same color.
Sharon Ross
Yigo, Guam

Where I live, the winters are long and gray. But thanks to my yellow rooms, I wake up to sunshine year-round.
Jan Hournbuckle
Brownsburg, Indiana