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By Real Simple
Updated August 18, 2011
José Picayo

Thoughts, p. 10

The Simple List, p.12

Editor’s Note, p. 29

Your Words

  • This Month’s Question, p. 33
    What is one lesson you learned in school that you’ll never forget?
  • No-Obligation Book Club, p. 37
    What book do you often quote from?

Trends Worth Trying


  • New Uses for Milk, p. 51
  • Problem-Solvers of the Month , p. 52
  • Ask Real Simple, p. 54
    Should I put my computer to sleep or shut it down when I’m finished using it?
  • Start With, p. 56
    A grilled cheese sandwich
  • Fresh Pick, p. 58

Life Lessons

  • Good Read, p. 62
    Nancy Gibbs on how her children’s shoes take her on a walk down memory lane
  • Modern Manners, p. 71
    Michelle Slatalla on ways to get a friend to stop rehashing tired topics
  • Expertise, p. 75
    Five work rules you should break

The Guide






  • 6 Numbers for Financial Success, p. 169
    What financial goals to set—and how to hit them
  • Moneywise, p. 179
    Ways to save when buying a mattress; how to avoid checking fees; the prime time to give a work presentation


  • What Makes My Life Real Simple, p. 187
  • A Sense of Wonder, p. 188
    Fall fashion is all about a feeling—literally. How to mix and match textures to stunning effect
  • 5 Mood-Boosting Workouts, p. 200
    Exercise routines to help you reenergize, refocus, relax, and more
  • I Will Remember You, p. 206
    A decade after 9/11, 10 people share how they continue to keep the memory of their lost loved ones alive
  • Cozy Grows Up, p. 216
    Comfort and style can coexist beautifully—just follow these lessons


Credits, p. 264
Where to buy the products featured in this issue

Discounts & Deals, p. 270
Exclusive savings on fall fashion finds

Clip and Save: Real Simple to Go, p. 272