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Marcus Nilsson

Thoughts, p. 4

The Simple List, p. 6

Editor’s Note, p. 21


Your Words

  • This Month’s Question, p. 25 
    What risk are you glad you took?
  • No-Obligation Book Club, p. 28
    What book do you keep on your coffee table?


Trends Worth Trying

  • Better Than Basic, p. 31
    Updated button-down
  • Style Revival, p. 32
    Modern rocking chairs
  • The Most Wearable Trend Right Now, p. 34
    Elegant chevron
  • Five-Minute Wow, p. 36
    Orange lips
  • 10 Finds for $50 or Less, p. 38


  • New Uses for Binder Clips, p. 42
  • Problem-Solvers of the Month, p. 44
  • Start With, p. 46
  • 4 New Ways to Serve Watermelon, p. 48
  • Fresh Pick, p. 50

Life Lessons

  • Good Read, p. 53
    Author James Ireland Baker spent an afternoon digging through old keepsakes—and unearthed his younger self in the process
  • Modern Manners, p. 59
    Michelle Slatalla on how to handle people who criticize your lifestyle choices
  • Expertise, p. 64
    Five ways to slow down your life


The Guide


  • Everyday Flatwear, p. 71
    From pointy toes to smoking slippers, the most stylish flats for fall
  • Fit Lab, p. 77
    Workout pants


  • Boost Your Memory, p. 83
    Nine expert ways to help sharpen your mind
  • The Decoder, p. 95
    Motion-sickness remedies


  • Pretty Smart, p. 101
    The latest beauty products and tips that save time, money, and your sanity
  • Road Test, p. 104
    At-home hair color


  • How to Pay Off the Plastic, p. 107 
    An easy-to-follow plan to eliminate credit-card debt (the third in a four-part money series)


  • Road Test, p. 112 
    Portable speakers



  • How to Snack Smarter, p. 116 
    19 healthful (and satisfying!) between-meal treats, plus the latest science and strategies
  • Let There Be Neon, p. 124
    Bright and effortless ideas for giving any room a jolt of color
  • The Conversation That Changed Me, p. 128
    Five writers recount an everyday exchange that made a lasting impression on their lives
  • Denim, Reinvented, p. 134
    Blue jeans have become anything but basic. Here’s the best of the chic and sleek new styles



  • Got 20 Minutes?, p. 142
    16 fast and easy dinners for every (summer) night of the week
  • Road Test, p. 152 
    Bottled iced tea
  • Quick Takes, p. 154
    10 ideas for tomatoes
  • Things Cooks Know, p. 156
  • Nutritional Index, p. 158



Credits, p. 161
Where to buy the products featured in this issue


Discounts & Deals, p. 166
Exclusive savings on clever storage products


Clip and Save: Real Simple to Go, p. 168