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By Real Simple
Updated March 08, 2012
José Picayo

Thoughts, p. 8

The Simple List, p. 14

Editor’s Note, p. 27

Your Words

  1. This Month’s Question, p. 31
    What change to your routine has saved you the most time?
  2. No-Obligation Book Club, p. 35
    What author do you admire most?

Trends Worth Trying

  1. Objects of Desire, p. 37
    Tree-trunk tables
  2. Style Revival, p. 38
    Peter Pan collars
  3. Five-Minute Wow, p. 40
    Pastel eyes
  4. The Most Wearable Trend Right Now, p. 42
    Modern preppy
  5. Intelligent Design, p. 44
    Glamorous picnic basket
  6. 10 Finds Under $50, p. 46

Women & Time

  1. A special section, p. 49
    Revealing the results of Real Simple’s ground-breaking time survey—plus real-world advice on how to make every day less hectic and more joyful

Life Lessons

  1. Good Read, p. 71
    Essay-contest winner Mara Eve Robbins recounts the moment when she first understood the meaning of love
  2. Modern Manners, p. 77
    Michelle Slatalla on how to deal with coworkers who don’t respect your boundaries
  3. Expertise, p. 81
    Five ways to be more optimistic

The Guide


  1. Pretty Smart, p. 87
    The latest beauty products and tips that save time, money, and your sanity
  2. Road Test, p. 96


  1. Make Over My Home Office, p. 99
    A Real Simple transformation, with tips for tidying up your own work space
  2. Road Test, p. 110
  3. Decorating for Your Life Stage, p. 113
    More than a dozen stylish coffee-table options that will feel right at home in your home


  1. Real Steals, p. 121
    Eye-catching black and white pieces for $100 or less
  2. Fit Lab, p. 131
    Lacy bras


  1. The Decoder, p. 139
    Dry eyes


  1. How to Pay Off College Debt, p. 143
    Five smart strategies for repaying loans now (the second in a four-part series on debt)
  2. Moneywise, p. 149
    Tips to save on computer repairs; the smart way to negotiate with the IRS; what to do when you’re dissatisfied with your contractor


  1. Retro Fit, p. 158
    This season’s throwback styles are tailor-made for women with curves. How quaint
  2. Act Small, Save Big, p. 166
    Effortless everyday tactics to help you save more than $5,000 (!) this year
  3. Open House, p. 176
    A look inside a beautiful home filled with resourceful decorating ideas, thrift-store finds, and love


  1. The Ultimate Food-Storage Guide, p. 184
    How to keep everything in your refrigerator, freezer, and pantry fresh and flavorful
  2. Quick Takes, p. 196
    10 ideas for chicken thighs
  3. Tart Sweets, p. 199
    Easy-to-make lemon desserts that taste as bright as spring
  4. Road Test, p. 207
    Butter and spreads
  5. Things Cooks Know, p. 210
    Simplifying strategies, techniques, and tips from the Real Simple test kitchen to yours
  6. Five Easy Dinners, p. 213
  7. Nutritional Index, p. 223

Credits, p. 223
Where to buy the products featured in this issue

Discounts & Deals, p. 228
Exclusive savings on coffee and tea accessories

Clip and Save: Real Simple to Go, p. 229