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Katherine Wolkoff

Thoughts, p. 2

Editor’s Note, p. 13

Your Words

  • Little White Lies, Revealed, p. 15
    Moms and kids fess up when it comes to fibbing


  • New Uses for Old Things, p. 18
    Creative ways to repurpose household items, from cupcake liners to kazoos (yes, kazoos)
  • Problem Solvers, p. 20
    The latest products, websites, and apps for busy moms
  • Ask Real Simple, p. 22
    How to address a kid’s gross habit
  • Party Trick, p. 24
    Crowd-pleasing favors for the next birthday bash
  • Start With: Frozen Waffles, p. 26
    Three ideas for the breakfast staple that don’t involve Aunt Jemima

The Guide

  • You Did What?”, p. 29
    Your cheat sheet for minor emergencies, whether your child stuck a pea up his nose or chopped her own bangs
  • Rooms Infused With Fun, p. 33
    Spirited decorating ideas for your home, starting at $16
  • Teachers Know Best, p. 40
    How to get kids to behave, clean up, calm down, and more, from the pros
  • 10 Ideas for Cupcakes, p. 42
    Delightful twists on one delicious treat
  • Technically Speaking, p. 44
    Modern-day tech support for parents who don’t know a Tweet from a poke
  • Speed Cleaning: The Playroom, p. 49
    Twenty minutes to spick-and-span
  • Old Wives’ Tales, Retold, p. 50
    Does mother really know best? Find out here
  • All Sorted Out, p. 54
    A laundry-room makeover full of ideas as fresh as the towels
  • Know Your Limits, p. 58
    How to make sure you find the middle ground when it matters
  • Slooow-Cooker Suppers, p. 63
    Satisfying, family-friendly suppers that are ready when you are
  • Report Card, p. 67
    The most stylish and flattering jeans for you, as well as the best macaroni-and-cheese mixes, board games, and no-VOC paints for the whole gang


  • For Keeps, p. 76
    From a stuffed elephant to birthday candles, writers and photographers reveal the items they treasure most
  • What Does It Cost to Raise Your Family?, p. 86
    Three households provide a candid look at their finances—so you can better manage yours
  • Toys You Can Make, p. 90
    Perfect for a rainy day: five crafty creations using items you may already have around the house
  • Age-by-Age Organizing, p. 96
    Setup strategies based on your child’s age
  • My Dinner Doula, p. 106
    One willing mom coaches another through the dinner-prep process with the aid of five doable, delicious recipes

Also In This Issue

  • Credits, p. 118
    Where to buy the products featured in these pages
  • Discounts & Deals, p. 122
    Stock up on these teachers’ gifts as the school year begins
  • Clip & Save, p. 124
    Flash cards for busy moms

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